Masking Tape Sunflower Garden


Product number: BG9357321S1
Masking Tape Sunflower Garden

Like walking through a field full of summer flowers! This tape with sunflowers and other plants blooming in the most beautiful shades of yellow and orange, garnished with gold glittering highlight, is simply a delight!

Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5m

Accessory Items

Transparent Tape Birds Song
What a special delicate tape! "Birds song" can be used vertical and features lovely floral elements with some birds and butterflies. Rather than a classical washi tape, the material is made of a transparent film that gives it a nice shimmer. Just a bit dreamy and simply pretty - make sure to get a roll! Price per roll, measures 20mm * 8m Made in Japan

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Flower Power - congratulations -
During a trip to South Africa, we discovered colorful bouquets of flowers in a guesthouse. On the wall. Colorful art by Eileen. We were very happy to even meet the artist. Art and postcards - so we had topics of conversation right away. From this very quickly arose the idea to create postcards from details of the paintings. For special occasions or simply for greetings to someone who is important to you and you want to let them know. This particular 'Flower Power' postcard with the bold brush strokes, nice for writing someone on their birthday or any other occasion. Illustration 'Art by Eileen'

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Pretty Flowers - Tulips
Some tulips make every room look brighter in an instant. Enjoy the varieties and different colours in gardens in springtime. As of now, you can also mail some pretty tulips out to a nice person!

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Masking Tape Petit Box Flowers
A small box full of wonderful flowers! In this beautifully designed box you find 5 different small washi tape rolls with delightfully coordinated designs of floral motifs. A little treasure to keep or share - it makes a great gift, we think! Price per box Box size45mm x 60mm x 18mm Masking tape size15mm x 3m  (1 roll)10mm x 3m (2 rolls)5mm x 3m (2 rolls) Made in Japan.

mt masking tape ex watercolor flower
Once you apply the stunning "watercolor flower" tape to your postcards, envelopes or other objects, they ttansform into tiny floral artworks. Enjoy! Price per roll, measures 15mm * 7m Made in Japan.

Masking Tape Dancing Rose
A dreamy tape in delicate pastel shades - "Rose". Flowers, a ballerina and a bunny make a simply beautiful combination. Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10 m Made in Japan.

Flower Power - set of 15 cards
During a trip to South Africa, we discovered Eileen's wonderful flower paintings by chance and we were able to meet Eileen as well. Flowers, artwork and postcards - we just had to make something out of it. 'Flower Power' postcards, selected art brought to postcards for dear people. Get all five available designs in this lovely set of 15 cards for your convenience. One to keep, two to share? Illustration 'Art by Eileen' This set contains of 15 postcards, 5 different designs, 3 copies each

Masking Tape Glitter Post Office Plant Yellow
Yellow, orange, red with some glitter is the color world of this beautiful tape. Flowers and fruits create a wonderful light accent to your decoration projects. Enjoy this magic tape! Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5 m

Summer Flowers in Germany
Who would not enjoy summer! Summer flowers are an essential part of this great season. Roses, Lupins, Poppies, Pansies and more - did you spot a favourite? Flower names in German.

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Washi Roll Sticker Carnation
Look at these beauties! These stunning washi stickers will not fail to amaze you. Different types of lovely flowers, carnation and more, are featured in 9 different designs. The single elements measure up to 3,5 cm in diameter. We are happy we can bring this special product at least in small quantities to you - perfect for your snailmail, planners or scrapbooking projects. It comes with a reusable protective box. Total number of stickers 90. Made in Japan.