Masking Tape Glitter Post Office Plant Yellow


Product number: BG10030327S1
Masking Tape Glitter Post Office Plant Yellow

Yellow, orange, red with some glitter is the color world of this beautiful tape. Flowers and fruits create a wonderful light accent to your decoration projects. Enjoy this magic tape!

Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5 m

Accessory Items

FLORA erasable pen turquoise
How about a bit of jungle feeling on your desk? We instantly loved FLORA. This pen is not only cute to look at but also a pleasure to write with. In case you need to correct something you can simply erase it. The ink used is heat-sensitive and can be removed with a plastic area at the end of the pen. The ink colour of this pen is turquise. It will become an instant favourite! We hold refills for this pen.

Washi Roll Sticker Carnation
Look at these beauties! These stunning washi stickers will not fail to amaze you. Different types of lovely flowers, carnation and more, are featured in 9 different designs. The single elements measure up to 3,5 cm in diameter. We are happy we can bring this special product at least in small quantities to you - perfect for your snailmail, planners or scrapbooking projects. It comes with a reusable protective box. Total number of stickers 90. Made in Japan.

Masking Tape Glitter Post Office Landscape
Various small landscape scenes, letters, vacation impressions, and all in stamp form - not so easy to describe well this particularly beautiful tape with a little glitter. So just take a look and feel the magic! Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5 m

Keep calm Happy Birthday red
Have a happy birthday, enjoy your day and relax! This card will make the recipient smile. Version in red.

From €1.05*
Masking Tape Glitter Florals
This tape is hard to be missed! It features different segments with scenes full of flowers and plants that are lovely to look at and very uplifting. Glitter elements make this a little treasure. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5 m

Spring Flowers in Germany
Each year in spring, spring flowers please the eye and soul with their colours and variety. Such a treat after winter! Snowdrops, tulips, daffodils and more join the parade - and you can mail them out now! Flower names in German.

From €1.05*
Masking Tape Glitter Post Office Plant Pink
This wonderful tape is a little pink dream-come-true. Flowers - "stamps" in the colors pink and red with glittery elements are great deco all-rounder and definitely an eye-catcher! Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5 m

Travel the Year - Set of 12 months postcards
Through the year in travel poster style! Take a journey through the year with us with these 12 carefully designed postcards, one for each month. Perfect for decorating, birthday cards or journaling. From January to December, one card for each month.  

Masking Tape Embroidery Pink
A perfect name for this lovely tape. Rosé, light green and golden accents turn this tape into a little deco star. We love to use it for our Birthday- and greeting cards especially. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5m