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Thank you Mail Carrier! Thank you Mail Carrier!
They work no matter the weather to bring us our mail and light up our days - thank you to all the mail carriers out there! Dimensions 3,2 cm * 1,7 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small...
€9.26 *
Tsukineko Stamp Cleaner 56ml Tsukineko Stamp Cleaner 56ml
Stamp Cleaner for rubber stamps. Cleans all water-based rubber stamp inks. Acid-free, contains alcohol. 56 ml Made in Japan
€4.83 *
Keep calm Keep calm
Keep Calm... and write a postcard, of course! To write a postcard is always a good idea, fun both for the sender and the recipient, and never outdated! Show your passion and use this rubber stamp just about anywhere. Dimensions 1,7 cm *...
€8.68 *
Ranger Mini Archival Ink Storage Ranger Mini Archival Ink Storage
This storage tin is the perfect place to hold up to 12 Mini Archival Ink Pads. measures 20,5 *12 * 2,5 cm Made in USA
€11.65 *
Travel Mode Travel Mode
Postcrossing is fun - especially when you can send cards from a foreign country using the so called Travel Mode! Highlight these cards using this cute rubber stamp. Dimensions 2,4 cm x 0,5cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and...
€7.70 *
Postcard - just for you Postcard - just for you
"This is a Postcard just for you" - who would not be happy to read this message? Any handwritten postcard is unique and somehow a little present to a person, this cute rubber stamp is transporting the message clearly. Dimensions 2,5 cm *...
€8.68 *
Message in a bottle Message in a bottle
What comes to your mind when you read "Message in a bottle"? Adventures, Mystery, Surprise, an old Sting song, the Unknown... Add a bit of this adventurous magic flair to your snailmal and let it sail! Dimensions 3,1 cm * 2 cm All our...
€9.26 *
Let postcards... Let postcards...
They just make life a bit more colourful and enjoyable - Let postcards travel the world! Who would not be happy to open the mailbox and find a friendly message in the usual pile of bills and advertisement? So - let them travel!...
€9.26 *
Postcard ID Postcard ID
Do you love Postcrossing, too? We have specific Postcard ID rubber stamps for a large number of countries. In case your country is not included or you want to have a stamp while travelling and using the travel mode, this rubber stamp is...
€9.26 *
Viele Grüße Viele Grüße
Viele Grüße... many greetings - you will find these two words in almost every letter or on a postcard written in German. We like to make it extra special by using a rubber stamp! Dimensions 2,8 cm * 0,7 cm All our rubber stamps are our...
€7.70 *
Netherlands Netherlands
The Netherlands - the stamp. In which part of the country are you living? Where is your letter or postcard traveling to? This rubber stamp features the countries` borders and highlights the provinces. Perfect on anything mail, for...
€10.63 *
Switzerland Switzerland
Switzerland - the stamp. Hello Switzerland! This rubberstamp combines your beautiful flag, your country and four official languages. Use a red ink pad and stamp on! Dimensions 3,4 cm * 2,2 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and...
€10.63 *
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