Hello and welcome to the world of papersisters! 

We are two sisters with northern German roots and are incredibly pleased to introduce to you our company, a dream-come-true for both of us.

We like traveling, good design, art, colours, attention to details, seas and lakes, local products, all Nordic but also the South, different points of view. And ever since we felt attracted by anything postal and paper.

Life has always put us two up in different places, so over many years, countless letters and postcards travelled back and forth between our respective homes.

The search for positive postcards, worthy carrying the image of our beautiful country in the world, was not always successful. That became obvious when our personal demand for postcards was growing after joining Postcrossing (www.postcrossing.com). So the idea was born – let`s do pretty postcards by ourselves!

With great enthusiasm and attention to details we create postcards about things, places, events and people that are valuable to us. Our German postcards series "Bundesländer - German Landmarks (GLS)" covers each of the 16 provinces and the whole of Germany. We have a great variety of postcards related to different aspects of Germany and other countries, the months of the year, weather, important personalities, lighthouses and much more. Our international series “Happy Postcrossing from (HPC)” is growing and highly collectible. Our assortment is constantly changing and from time to time we issue Limited Editions postcards on special occasions.

We truly believe in the special value of a personal hand-written message especially in times of fast electronic communication and keep exploring and creating new postcards for you. Just what we love to do.

Our cards are designed in Germany by us. We print locally on a cardboard that we picked after numerous trials. Stable and high quality and you can write well on it with different pens and also rubberstamp on them nicely!

Speaking of rubberstamps - we like to decorate our mail and gifts and offer you a fine selection of individual stamps with a wooden handle – also made in Germany.

We love to use stickers and have a fast-growing assortment of our own exclusive designs. For people who are postcrossers and snailmailers.

We added a number of different fun items to our Online Shop that make great presents, too, in case you can part with them. Wonderful quality washi tape and lovely pens, inkpads, sticky notes and more. Our innovative papertraveler by papersisters has traveled far by now - a unique pouch to store and protect your postcards and other paper items when you are traveling. You will love having this smart sustainable cool item around!

It is definitely worth checking our page from time to time for updates!

We love to keep in touch with you! You can sign up for our Newsletter that we send out roughly twice a month. Also feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram.   

Have fun exploring the world of papersisters!  

Maike and Wiebke