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May - set 12 pc May - set 12 pc
The set - 12 May postcards The merry month of May usually brings a lot of flowers, greens, hours of sunshine. The perfect month to get married, try the new barbecue or simply celebrate life. Month number five for sure gives us many...
€9.95 *
April - set 12 pc April - set 12 pc
The set - 12 April postcards April can bring all sort of weather surprises, sometimes some seasons on one day! It is the month of Easter and nature spoils our eyes with fresh green and spring flowers. This is the fourth month of our...
€9.95 *
March - set 12 pc March - set 12 pc
The set - 12 March postcards The month of March marks the beginning of spring. Nature awakens, colors and birds come back, the sun gains more strength and Easter is around the corner. The third month of our month postcard series to...
€9.95 *
February - set 12 pc February - set 12 pc
The set - 12 times February! February. Here comes the second and shortest month of the year. Mixed weather in many extremes may be a challenge, but the early bloomers start showing and bringing hope that spring is not far. This is the...
€9.95 *
January - set 12 pc January - set 12 pc
January- the set, 12 cards. January. The first month of the year, cold and crisp and fresh. A new start and the moment to greet the year your way. This is the starting point of our month postcard series. They accompany you throughout the...
€9.95 *
Magnet set "Mail" Magnet set "Mail"
They are round, cute and postal - this set of three magnets beautifully documents your connection to classical Snail Mail. Airmail stickers and postmarks add to the travel charm of letters and postcards. Their silky finish is a...
€7.95 *
Magnet set "Postcrossing" Magnet set "Postcrossing"
This set of three adorable magnets contains of different designs to show your connection to the wonderful hobby of Postcrossing. Their silky finish adds the special "I would like to touch this" feeling. Set of 3 round magnets, 3 designs...
€7.95 *
Sticker "Typisch Deutsch" set 3 pieces Sticker "Typisch Deutsch" set 3 pieces
Typical German... so many symbols and specialties. We showcase them on our german postcards, now, finally, we have the matching stickers! Each sheet holds 20 single stickers in a round shape, 2 cm each diameter. This set contains of 3...
€3.95 *
Postcard Pack "For You" Postcard Pack "For You"
We took the opportunity to create a special postcard pack for you. It contains of 14 postcards, 7 different designs, 2 pieces each, of our popular "For You" series. These cards are very popular as greeting cards to send or to tag on...
€9.95 *
Postcard Stickers - 25 pieces Postcard Stickers - 25 pieces
One for all occasions. This sticker is designed as a back side of a postcard and you can write on it. By using it you turn your photo, picture, cardboard box or any other printed item into a unique postcard. It offers lots of creative...
€7.95 *
Herz für Dich Herz für Dich
Little heart, anybody? This stamp talks German. Dimension 2,2 cm * 1,5 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.
€7.50 * €9.40 *
Das Paket - alle 17 Karten - German Landmark Series Das Paket - alle 17 Karten - German Landmark...
Want to have them all? Get this attractive set containing all 16 province cards and the Germany version of this series. In English. Oh, yes, the price is attractive!
€14.90 *
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