Flower Power - congratulations -

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Flower Power - congratulations -

During a trip to South Africa, we discovered colorful bouquets of flowers in a guesthouse. On the wall. Colorful art by Eileen. We were very happy to even meet the artist. Art and postcards - so we had topics of conversation right away. From this very quickly arose the idea to create postcards from details of the paintings. For special occasions or simply for greetings to someone who is important to you and you want to let them know. This particular 'Flower Power' postcard with the bold brush strokes, nice for writing someone on their birthday or any other occasion.

Illustration 'Art by Eileen'

Accessory Items

Spring Flowers in Germany
Each year in spring, spring flowers please the eye and soul with their colours and variety. Such a treat after winter! Snowdrops, tulips, daffodils and more join the parade - and you can mail them out now! Flower names in German.

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Braunkehlchen - Bird of the Year 2023
Each year in Germany a "Bird of the Year" is selected. Almost everyone knows the robin - but the whinchat? The title "Bird of the Year 2023" puts the spotlight on this little bird that spends the winter in Africa! And we dedicate an iconic postcard to it.

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Flower Power - enjoy your day -
During a trip to South Africa, we stayed at a guesthouse in St. Lucia, a place where hippos occasionally walk the streets at night, and discovered Eileen's miniature flower artworks. They are so colorful, we were immediately blown away. We met Eileen, talked and thought about what we could make out of them together. That's how the 'Flower Power' postcards came to life, spreading good vibes. Perfect to wish someone an 'enjoy your day'. Have fun! Illustration 'Art by Eileen'

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Birthday Rainbow
Birthday wishes for a dear person - a full rainbow!

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Keep calm Happy Birthday blue
Have a happy birthday, enjoy your day and relax! This card will make the recipient smile. Version in blue.

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Spring Basics
Spring is in the air! After the winter, we love to see all the fresh green and colours that show up when nature awakens. Greet this lovely season with this fresh card!

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Have a happy Birthday
Happy Birthday - many good wishes for a special person and a cake comes with it, too!

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Flower Power - wonderful day -
This postcard is a small section of a colorful miniature flower bouquet artwork by Eileen, a South African living in St. Lucia on the Indian Ocean. Thanks to this artwork we got into conversation with Eileen during a trip. About art and postcards. We are very happy that this has resulted in a cooperation and that we can offer you Eileen's colorful art on postcards. And we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed discovering it. Have a wonderful day! Illustration 'Art by Eileen'

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Masking Tape Embroidery Pink
A perfect name for this lovely tape. Rosé, light green and golden accents turn this tape into a little deco star. We love to use it for our Birthday- and greeting cards especially. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5m

mt masking tape ex watercolor flower
Once you apply the stunning "watercolor flower" tape to your postcards, envelopes or other objects, they ttansform into tiny floral artworks. Enjoy! Price per roll, measures 15mm * 7m Made in Japan.

Keep calm Happy Birthday red
Have a happy birthday, enjoy your day and relax! This card will make the recipient smile. Version in red.

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