With Love for Christmas

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With Love for Christmas

Show that you care by sending this lovely Christmas postcard!

Accessory Items

Christmas Stocking
"Christmas Stocking" - filled to the brim with goodies and surprises, this special stocking spreads Christmas flair. Perfect for your festive mail!

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The 24 days in December to Christmas Eve are a special time of anticipation. An advent calendar accompanies children along this time and makes the wait more fun. A lovely tradition, we think, not only for children!

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Winter is in the Air
Enjoy winter fun! Warm gloves and a hot tea, ice skating and birdwatching in snow are some of the things best enjoyed during the cold season.

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Christmas Postcard
It is a long and lovely tradition to send christmas greetings to dear people near and far to show them that they are important and loved. Join in!   

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Wishing Merry Christmas
The story of Christmas. Christmas - we have in mind the cozy family time, presents, great festive meals, some glitter. The history behind why many people celebrate Christmas is truly beautiful and magical!

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Winter Basics
Winter! Cold weather, warm clothes, hot drinks. So much to do and see at this time of the year! Whether you perpare to try your skiing skills or watch the visitors at the bird feeder, enjoy these months!

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papersisters tape merry christmas
Merry Christmas! This festive washi tapes shows different shades of green and little red hearts. Just perfect for your holiday mail. Price per roll, measures 8mm * 10m  

Just Cats - Sweet Surprise
Look at all the sweets for Christmas! But - wait! Who is hiding here, adding some cuteness? Even the little bird is getting ready for Christmas.

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Enjoy Adventszeit
Pre-Christmas season - Advent season. A beautiful and special time, which in Germany is characterized by a variety of events, customs and symbols. This atmospheric postcard brings some of our Christmas flair around the world.

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Masking Tape Glitter Christmas Angels
There is glitter! And sparkles! The wide "Christmas Angels" tape with gold-colored accents is a wonderful decorative highlight for mail, gifts and crafts. Price per roll, measures 30 mm * 5 m

Happy Postcrossing - Merry Christmas 2nd Edition
Sending postcards for Christmas is a great tradition. Seasons greetings are popular at Postcrossing, too, so here comes the perfect card to send for Christmas!

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It has become a tradition over the decades in Germany for children to send letters to Father Christmas or the Christ Child. Dedicated Christmas post offices across the country reply back. The letters are beautifully decorated with christmas stamps and a special cancellation. The word has spread and mail comes in before Christmas from all over the world!

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Happy Postcrossing - Merry Christmas
Sending mail for Christmas is a great tradition. Seasons greetings are popular at Postcrossing, too, so here comes the perfect card to send for Christmas!

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Santa and Reindeer in Snow
Snow... imagine turning around and spotting a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer! Just an illusion? It does come true on this lovely postcard!

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papersisters tape christmas mail
In classic festive red and white, this Washi Tape is suitable for decorating gifts, Christmas mail and other paper projects. This gorgeous tape is designed by papersisters and available exclusively through our store. Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10m