Keep calm Christmastree - No.23

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Keep calm Christmastree - No.23

It is a beloved tradition in many families in Germany to pick and cut a nice tree for Christmas. To keep calm is a good advice in case family members have different views on which tree is perfect...

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Lovely smell - people are baking most delicious cookies before Christmas, Weihnachtsplätzchen! It is a beloved tradition and each family has their own favourites types of cookies they keep baking. The variety is huge and the results usually delicious!

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It is a long and lovely tradition to send christmas greetings to dear people near and far to show them that they are important and loved. Join in!  This card is in german.  

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Keep calm Gartenzwerg - No.9
If you give it a try, you might spot a garden gnome in one or more german gardens. So, if you dare, why not bring one home to your own garden and make your neighbours jealous? For sure a situation to best keep calm... our No.9:

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Keep calm Weizen & Pils - No.14
The variety of different types of beer in Germany is great. They much differ in taste and look. But can you tell the difference when blind tasting different types? Weizen and Pils might be one of the easier ones... Our No.14 in this postcard series - for many it should be the No.1 though!

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Keep calm Glühwein - No.22
Christmas markets are popular in Germany and you find one in many cities. Lots and lots to discover and try in a cozy atmosphere! It is a perfect place to meet friends or colleagues over a Glühwein - mulled wine - or two.

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Keep calm and discover Germany - No.1
Keep calm - and discover Germany! Get an introduction into some german highlights, habits, specialities and fun facts. This card, No.1 of a whole series of postcards, shows you the map of Germany and its states called Bundesländer. Discover, collect and enjoy!A6 format postcard, 148 x 105 mm

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Keep calm be pünktlich - No.10
There is a rumor that Germans like to be on time and actually are always on time - pünktlich. We can confirm it is just a rumor - though there might be a bit of truth in it, too. Keep calm and discover Germany No.10.

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