Masking Tape Petit Box Birds


Product number: SDP9900998S1
Masking Tape Petit Box Birds

A small box full of wonderful surprises! In this beautifully designed box you find 5 different small washi tape rolls with delightfully coordinated designs of bird motifs. A little treasure to keep or share - it makes a great gift, we think!

Price per box

Box size
45mm x 60mm x 18mm 

Masking tape size
15mm x 3m  (1 roll)
10mm x 3m (2 rolls)
5mm x 3m (2 rolls)

Made in Japan.

Accessory Items

Kiebitz - Bird of the Year 2024
Each year in Germany a "Bird of the Year" is selected. In 2024, the title goes to the lapwing. It is unmistakable due to its feather plume and distinctive call. Lapwings prefer to live in moors, swamps and wet meadows and are endangered in Germany nowadays.

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Transparent Tape Birds Song
What a special delicate tape! "Birds song" can be used vertical and features lovely floral elements with some birds and butterflies. Rather than a classical washi tape, the material is made of a transparent film that gives it a nice shimmer. Just a bit dreamy and simply pretty - make sure to get a roll! Price per roll, measures 20mm * 8m Made in Japan

€7.50* €9.50* (21.05% saved)
Fly Priority Sticker Set 60 pc
Send your postacrds and letters off with these lovely "Fly Priority" Stickers in light blue and orange yellow! Such a pretty detail. This Sticker-Set contains of 60 stickers.  Dimensions:  48 x 10 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Priority & Bird Slim Sticker Set 60 pc
Sometimes, less is more. For example in case space is limited. We designed this lovely Priority sticker that is slimmer and slightly longer than a "regular" Airmail- or Priority Sticker so it fits even on fully written postcards. Smart, right? It even has a cute little bird! This Sticker-Set contains of 60 stickers.  Dimensions:  48 x 10 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Garden Birds in Germany
It is lovely to watch garden birds. You never know what you might spot next. A little robin is always a highlight but there is much more to discover! Bird names in German.

From €0.95*
Postcard ID Sticker Set Owl Post 50 pieces
Who does not love to send and receive owl post... Enjoy using these cool stickers with space for the postcard ID. A highlight on any postcard you send around the world! It is easy and safe to write on the stickers with a ballpoint pen. Should you wish to use a fountain pen or fineliner, make sure to allow some time for drying. This Sticker-Set contains of two different designs, 25 pieces each, with and without space to indicate the current weather conditions. Total number 50 pieces.  Dimensions: 65 x 24 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.  

Airmail Sticker large "Pelican" Set 60 pieces
Via Air Mail is the preferred way of transportation for any overseas mail. We gave the classical blue label a fun twist so feel invited to try some pelican mail! These stickers are a bit larger than our other air-mail-like stickers which makes them perfect for envelopes. This Sticker-Set contains of 60 stickers.  Dimensions:  47 x 21 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Wiedehopf - Bird of the Year 2022
Each year in Germany a "Bird of the Year" is selected. In 2022 it is the Wiedehopf - hoopoe. It is quite difficult to spot one of these spectacular birds in Germany - if you see one, it is easy to tell the species. Enjoy.

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Animal World Hedwig
A snowy owl is an imposing sight and a fascinating animal of the Arctic. And then there is this one special owl named Hedwig, it even delivers the mail...

From €0.95*
Washi Roll Sticker Balloon
Do you want to take a ride in a colourful hot air balloon? These stunning washi stickers will not fail to amaze you. Different types of colourful balloons are featured in 12 different stunning designs. The single elements measure up to 2,5 cm. You need a little bit of patience to remove the single elements. We are happy we can bring this special product at least in small quantities to you - perfect for your snailmail, planners or scrapbooking projects. It comes with a reusable protective box. Total number of stickers is 180. Made in Japan.

Birds in Snow
A birdfeeder in snow is a favorite place among our feathered friends - and a wonderful place to observe different bird species. Now you can send this beautiful scene as a postcard - the card is one of our very special highlights this winter!

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papersisters tape birds in snow
Which bird is it? Lovely feathered friends can be spotted in winter - bullfinch, robin and blue tit are great examples. This lovely tape is designed by papersisters and available exclusively through our shop. Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10 m  

FLORA erasable pen turquoise
How about a bit of jungle feeling on your desk? We instantly loved FLORA. This pen is not only cute to look at but also a pleasure to write with. In case you need to correct something you can simply erase it. The ink used is heat-sensitive and can be removed with a plastic area at the end of the pen. The ink colour of this pen is turquise. It will become an instant favourite! We hold refills for this pen.