Masking Tape Blue Cat


Product number: BG10901485S1
Masking Tape Blue Cat

They play, they sit, they watch - blue cats garnished with silver highlights are just too beautiful to not show you.

Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5m

Accessory Items

Masking Tape Glitter Black Cat
Oh that's beautiful! Black shadowy cats live on this luxuriously wide tape. Gold glittering cat paws complete the perfect look. Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5 m

Masking Tape Cat Tower
Here the cats live on top of each other in the "Cat Tower". This vertical to use tape is a surprise and much fun to use! Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 7 m

Transparent Tape Birds Song
What a special delicate tape! "Birds song" can be used vertical and features lovely floral elements with some birds and butterflies. Rather than a classical washi tape, the material is made of a transparent film that gives it a nice shimmer. Just a bit dreamy and simply pretty - make sure to get a roll! Price per roll, measures 20mm * 8m Made in Japan

€7.50* €9.50* (21.05% saved)
Maximum Postcard Just Cats
Cats - the furry friends have a huge fan base. And we are happy to transform our "Just Cats Airmail" postcard into a wonderful maxi card with the new cat stamp. This card holds the corresponding first day cancel. Attention - small edition only! In case you plan to send out this postcard be informed it still requires postage.  

Just Cats - Postcrossing
What are you up to, kitties? Oh it looks like they are in Postcrossing mode - we totally understand it!

From €0.95*
Masking Tape Pandora Cat
Cheeky cats in black and white with colorful highlights in front of a cheerful polka dot background - unfortunately only in small quantities we could procure this beautiful tape. Good news is the rolls hold 10 meters of tape! Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10 m Made in Japan.

Just Cats - Set of 12 postcards
Travel along the year with "Just Cats" postcards! Compiled for you, this set includes 12 carefully selected postcards of our "Just Cats" series that fit the respective month and season.  A wonderful gift for cat- and postcard lovers and at the same time a perfect little stash with a great variety for yourself to keep and enjoy. This will be a beautiful year!  

CAT erasable pen black
Oh, hello little black kitty! May we introduce - "CAT". This pen is not only cute to look at but also a pleasure to write with. In case you need to correct something you can simply erase it. The ink used is heat-sensitive and can be removed with a plastic area at the end of the pen. The ink colour of this pen is black. You will not want to miss this new friend!

Masking Tape Crazy Glitter Cats
A truly unique cat tape! It is used horizontal and it created the illusion that the different cats are just entering or leaving or looking around the wall. We had so much fun trying it out and are very happy to bring this unique design to the shop. Glitter elements let it even stand out more. Enjoy! Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5 m

Button "Just Cats"
Hello there cat! The perfect decorative button for all friends of cats. Size 25 mm Price per piece

Masking Tape Glitter Girls and Cats
See the girls on this unique tape? There is always a cat or even more close by. The tape is lovely to look and and even greater to use. Lovely glitter accent make this a true gem. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5 m

€4.50* €6.50* (30.77% saved)
Just Cats - Cat Card
For all you cat people out there! Cat mail. What do these 4 furry noses have in mind right now? They send greetings by postcard and get support from a feathered friend.

From €0.95*
Just Cats - Sofa Cat
The sofa is a great place to be. But better have an eye on what is happening around you once in a while...

From €0.95*