Happy Postcrossing FI - 3rd Edition

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Product number: HPC-FI-III
Happy Postcrossing FI - 3rd Edition

We love Finland and its beautiful nature, lakes, wildlife and villages and cities! So much to expore and if you are lucky, you can spot the Northern Lights. You might pay a visit to Santa Claus and will never be far away from a sauna.

Accessory Items

Northern Lights
Northern Lights, Polar Lights, Aurora Borealis - this wonderful phenomenon can be seen around the arctic circle in dark skies with a portion of luck. It fascinates people ever since and those lucky ones who were able to see this beauty of nature with their own eyes will never forget it again.

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BEAR erasable pen blue
May we introduce - "Bear". This pen is not only cute to look at but also a pleasure to write with. In case you need to correct something you can simply erase it. The ink used is heat-sensitive and can be removed with a plastic area at the end of the pen. The ink colour of this pen is blue. It will become an instant favourite!

FI Stamp Flag
The Finnish flag, a little artwork made out of blue and white stamps. It will make the recipient of this card smile! Blue and white reminds us of the sea and air, clouds and snow, blueberries and lakes.

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Postcrossing Postcard Puzzle Part 2 - O
Postcrossing lets cards travel around the world and connects people. Join us on a special journey from the Arctic to Antarctica! On 12 magic postcards. Collect and connect them all and enjoy a unique puzzle experience for avid Postcossers! Part 2 of the puzzle journey is the letter O and it invites you to enjoy polar lights, icebergs and animals of the tundra.

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Happy Postcrossing LV
Latvia is the middle one of the three baltic states, nestled between Estonia and Lithuania. If you yre lucky, you can find a piece of amber on the shores of the baltic sea. The Art Nouveau buildings of the capital Riga are breathtaking and helped to put the city on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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Happy Postcrossing EE
Estonia is the northernmost country of the baltic states. It is a young and innovative country with a long history. The old town of the capital Tallinn is very popular with visitors that often arrive via the sea on a ferry or cruise ship. Those who explore beyond the big city will not be disappointed.

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I Love Postcrossing
I love postcrossing - and most of us do, so why not state it on your snailmail? Dimensions 2,7 cm * 0,5 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.    

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Happy Postcrossing DK
Red and white are the colours of the flag and blue the colour of all the water surrounding - Denmark! We are happy to welcome this country in the North to our HPC-family. Islands and beaches, arts and design, bicycles and coins with a hole in the middle are some facesses of this country that gave the world the concepf of "Hygge".

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FI...Postcard ID Flag
Hello dear Finns! Just for you - your very own Postcard ID stamp as a highlight for your Postcrossing postcards - your flag! For best results use blue ink. Dimensions 4,5 cm * 0,7 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

€7.50* €8.50* (11.76% saved)
Happy Postcrossing SE
Sweden - this country and kingdom in the North of Europe offers lots of space and vastness, forests and many lakes, red wooden houses and inspiring cities, and, yes, of course, moose as well. The sea or a lake always seem nearby. Swedish design and authors of different genres became famous worldwide. On a dark or rainy day, some candles, cosy blankets and a glögg help!

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