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Happy Postcrossing EE

Estonia is the northernmost country of the baltic states. It is a young and innovative country with a long history. The old town of the capital Tallinn is very popular with visitors that often arrive via the sea on a ferry or cruise ship. Those who explore beyond the big city will not be disappointed.

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Advanced Postcrosser
Do you love Postcrossing? Maybe you have even attended a Postcrossing Meetup, sometimes visit the Blog or Forum on Postcrossing and consider World Postcard day to be important? Congratulations, we herewith declare you to be an Advanced Postcrosser!  

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Happy Postcrossing LT
Lithuania, the southernmost member of the Baltic States, offers interested visitors fascinating cities and places full of history away from mass tourism. Whether it's the capital Vilnius with its medieval old town, the historic Curonian Spit or the magnificent Baltic Sea beaches where, with a little luck, you can find amber - there's plenty to discover!

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Life of a Postcrosser No.5
You know you are a Postcrosser... ...when you call postcard writing a hobby

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Airmail International
Air Mail / Priority / Par Avion / Luftpost - stickers or labels - all similar, but still so different! All around the world, just a small piece of paper.

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Happy Postcrossing!
Postcrossing unites us around the world - now you can wish each other "Happy Postcrossing!" without having to actually write it! Dimensions 3,2 cm * 0,6 cm  All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.    

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Happy Postcrossing LV
Latvia is the middle one of the three baltic states, nestled between Estonia and Lithuania. If you yre lucky, you can find a piece of amber on the shores of the baltic sea. The Art Nouveau buildings of the capital Riga are breathtaking and helped to put the city on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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