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Happy Postcrossing LV

Latvia is the middle one of the three baltic states, nestled between Estonia and Lithuania. If you yre lucky, you can find a piece of amber on the shores of the baltic sea. The Art Nouveau buildings of the capital Riga are breathtaking and helped to put the city on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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Happy Postcrossing CZ
Happy Postcrossing from...  - specially designed for our neighbors of the Czech Republic! There is so much to explore, starting with the stunning capital Prague, take a closer look!  

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Happy Postcrossing PL
Poland - a large and dynamic country in the heart of Europe with a long history. Holding one quarter of the worldwide population of white storks - just one fun fact about the country. From its Baltic Sea shores to the mountains of the High Tatras, there is a lot to explore. This postcard gives you some hints!

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Happy Postcrossing EE
Estonia is the northernmost country of the baltic states. It is a young and innovative country with a long history. The old town of the capital Tallinn is very popular with visitors that often arrive via the sea on a ferry or cruise ship. Those who explore beyond the big city will not be disappointed.

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Happy Postcrossing RU
Hello and welcome Russia! As the largest country on earth, of course you need your own countries "Happy Postcrossing..." postcard!

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Happy Postcrossing SK
Slovakia is situated in the heart of Europe and has five neighboring countries. Spectacular landscapes, historical castles and picturesque villages spreading medieval flair invite to explore off the beaten tracks. The capital Bratislava has a car-free historic city center and a stunning castle. Let us show you some local highlights!

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