Happy Postcrossing Bavaria

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Happy Postcrossing Bavaria

Bavaria is the largest federal state by area in Germany. The way of living is unique and a lot of symbols and specialities that are known worldwide and stand for Germany actually come from Bavaria. Most tourists pay Bavaria a visit when travelling Germany. Many good reasons to dedicate an own HPC postcard to this free state!

Accessory Items

Happy Postcrossing DE - 7th Edition
A warm welcome to the 7th HPC DE version! This postcard is dedicated to a special event that is often associated with Germany - the Oktoberfest. Year after year it is a great spectacle when the first barrel is tapped in Munich. From roller coasters to gingerbread hearts and brass music, there is plenty to see and experience. Enjoy the Wiesn - enjoy this postcard!

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Happy Postcrossing DE - 3rd Edition
May we present the 3rd edition of a "Happy Postcrossing from Germany" HPC postcard! It features well-known buildings and beloved symbols of Germany. 

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Bayern - German Landmark Series
Bavaria - in German Bayern - is the largest German province by size and home to a lot of specialties and symbols that are synonyms for Germany.

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Happy Postcrossing DE
Happy Postcrossing from - Germany! We share the passion and designed this postcard especially for Postcrosser in Germany. With a Dachshund, Pretzel, our former currency D-Mark and other bits and pieces you can get some german flavors!

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Happy Postcrossing CH
Specially designed for Postcrossers from Switzerland! Glad we have you covered.  

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Happy Postcrossing Bielefeld
For the first time we dedicate a postcard of the HPC series to a city, and it is not even a capital - Bielefeld. There are many jokes about Bielefeld in Germany, the truth is, it is a beautiful city! And for whatever reason, many inhabitants of Bielefeld are active in Postcrossing. One of the reasons for the unofficial title of "capital of Postcrossing".

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Happy Postcrossing NRW
Going by numbers of inhabitants, Northrhine-Westphalia is the biggest state in Germany. Many people mean big cities, industry and many cars - yes! But there is so much more that that - rich culture, beautiful nature, great sports just to name some aspects. Take a closer look and you see it is well worth it! Of course a special HPC postcard is long overdue.

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DE... Postcard ID Brezel
ID rubber stamp for german postcard IDs - Pretzel. Dimension 4,5 cm * 0,7 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

Typisch Süddeutsch
We grouped some typical southern German things, symbols and dishes to build this cute postcard. This popular style of postcard you can also find for the whole of Germany, Northern Germany and Northrhine-Westphalia.

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