Happy Postcrossing DE - 7th Edition

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Product number: HPC-DE-VII
Happy Postcrossing DE - 7th Edition

A warm welcome to the 7th HPC DE version! This postcard is dedicated to a special event that is often associated with Germany - the Oktoberfest. Year after year it is a great spectacle when the first barrel is tapped in Munich. From roller coasters to gingerbread hearts and brass music, there is plenty to see and experience. Enjoy the Wiesn - enjoy this postcard!

Accessory Items

Travel Schloss Neuschwanstein
Neuschwanstein - many stories and myths surround this picturesque castle. Commissioned by King Ludwig II, the imposing structure in Bavaria's Allgäu region is often described as a fairytale castle. It is one of the most visited attractions in Germany and is known far beyond the country's borders.

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Bayern - German Landmark Series
Bavaria - in German Bayern - is the largest German province by size and home to a lot of specialties and symbols that are synonyms for Germany.

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Castles in Germany Postcard ID Sticker Set 40 pieces
There is a large number of castles that can be vistited and explored in Germany. We bring some favourites on an amazing ID Sticker for your Postcrossing postcards. It is easy and safe to write on the stickers with a ballpoint pen. Should you wish to use a fountain pen or fineliner, make sure to allow some time for drying. This Sticker Set contains of 40 stickers of one design.  Dimensions:  65 x 25 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Happy Postcrossing DE - 5th Edition
Proudly presenting the 5th edition of a "Happy Postcrossing from Germany" HPC postcard! Meet the Holstentor, Bauhaus, the Zugspitze, Zeche Zollverein and much more!

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Oktoberfest - no other event in Germany is probably more famous than this huge folk festival in Munich. Roller coasters, beer, gingerbread hearts, lots of music, traditional costumes and a unique atmosphere - what a spectacle. And with a little luck, you can even get a special postmark for your snailmail! So, plan your visit in advance!

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Typisch Süddeutsch
We grouped some typical southern German things, symbols and dishes to build this cute postcard. This popular style of postcard you can also find for the whole of Germany, Northern Germany and Northrhine-Westphalia.

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Happy Postcrossing DE - 3rd Edition
May we present the 3rd edition of a "Happy Postcrossing from Germany" HPC postcard! It features well-known buildings and beloved symbols of Germany. 

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Keep calm Biergarten - No.20
Warm waether, good company, a hearty snack and a cold drink - spending an evening in a beer garden is a little getaway and treat at the same time.

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Happy Postcrossing Bavaria
Bavaria is the largest federal state by area in Germany. The way of living is unique and a lot of symbols and specialities that are known worldwide and stand for Germany actually come from Bavaria. Most tourists pay Bavaria a visit when travelling Germany. Many good reasons to dedicate an own HPC postcard to this free state!

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German Beer
Which drink would you associate with Germany? Most people would answer - beer. This postcard tries to introduce you to some popular types of beer - it is a bit tricky as the local variations are so numerous and wonderful, too! So take this as an invite to further explore the world of beer in Germany. 

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Happy Postcrossing DE - 6th Edition
Proudly presenting the 6th edition of a "Happy Postcrossing from Germany" HPC postcard! This time the focus is on a selection of the prettiest and most famous castles - very subjective selection though.

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The art of brewing beer has a long history in Germany. In different regoins, a great variety of types of beer is being brewed. Why not send a beer as a postcard around the world?

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More Greetings from Germany Postcard ID Sticker Set 40 pieces
Using these cute stickers on your postcards for Postcrossing will make them shine! These stickers for German IDs feature local specialities and landmarks. It is easy and safe to write on the stickers with a ballpoint pen. Should you wish to use a fountain pen or fineliner, make sure to allow some time for drying. This Sticker-Set contains of two different designs, 20 pieces each, with and without space to indicate the current weather conditions. Total number 40 pieces.  Dimensions: 65 x 25 mm and 65 x 30 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.  

Postcrossing Greetings Germany
Send postcards to randomly selected people in the world - this is an experience that unites and connects many people once they have joined Postcrossing. In Germany, thousands of postcards are written and received every month. This fun card highlights some symbols and places that many people connect with Germany. Oh yes, lot of other options - just write about it on the back side of the postcard!

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Happy Postcrossing DE
Happy Postcrossing from - Germany! We share the passion and designed this postcard especially for Postcrosser in Germany. With a Dachshund, Pretzel, our former currency D-Mark and other bits and pieces you can get some german flavors!

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papersisters tape happy postcrossing germany
Postcrossing is very popular in Germany - we are happy to offer a beautiful tape that features some German icons and greetings to decorate cards sent via Postcrossing. Typical papersisters style included. Enjoy! Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10 m  

DE... Postcard ID Brezel
ID rubber stamp for german postcard IDs - Pretzel. Dimension 4,5 cm * 0,7 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.