Happy Postcrossing CH

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Happy Postcrossing CH

Specially designed for Postcrossers from Switzerland! Glad we have you covered.


Accessory Items

CH...Postcard ID Flag
Hello dear Swiss! Just for you - your very own Postcard ID stamp as a highlight for your Postcrossing postcards - your flag! For best results use red ink. Dimensions 4,5 cm * 0,7 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

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Happy Postcrossing LI
The Principality of Liechtenstein is a micro state in Europe, just covering 160 square kilometers. It is the smallest country in the world with two borders - in the East with Austria, in the West with Switzerland. Situated between the Rhine and the Alps, it is with its capital Vaduz well worth a visit!

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Bright Switzerland
Switzerland in the middle of Europe is famous not only for mountains and chocolate. A tolat of four national languages and a number of provinces, Kantone, make the country divers and quite exciting to visit. Bright Switzerland!

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Happy Postcrossing CH 2nd Edition
Switzerland - a small great country within Europe. Mountains, chocolate, watches, skiing and languages are just a few buzzwords to describe the country. Find out a bit more with this second version of Swiss HPC!  

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CH Stamp Flag
The swiss flag, a little artwork made out of red and white stamps. Recognized all over the world!  

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Ink Pad Red Colop Micro 1
Ideal addition when using our rubber stamps and postcards. Ink Pad, color red. Dimensions 9 x 5 cm  

Greetings from Switzerland Postcard ID Sticker Set 40 pieces
Enjoy sending your Poscrossing cards from Switzerland in style! Mountains, Chocolate and more are to be found on these lovely stickers with space to the postcard ID. It is easy and safe to write on the stickers with a ballpoint pen. Should you wish to use a fountain pen or fineliner, make sure to allow some time for drying. This Sticker-Set contains of 40 pieces of one design.  Dimensions: 65 x 25 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.