IT Stamp Flag

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IT Stamp Flag

We all know the beautiful flag of Italy! Made of lots of green, red and white stamps.


Accessory Items

German Stamp flag
Germans and their flag...difficult. We tried to interpret the topic with a lot of stamps on our hands.

From €1.05*
Stamp Rainbow
All the colors of the rainbow. Brought on postcard size made of colorful stamps from around the world.  

From €1.05*
Europe Stamp Flag
We enjoy living in a free and united Europe - and we like to support it with this flag card, made out of blue stamps of many european countries.  

From €1.05*
Happy Postcrossing IT
Specially designed for Postcrossers from Italy! We love this country for its food and wine, beaches and historic sites, and the way of living!  

From €1.05*
Happy Postcrossing VA
Being the smallest country in the world, the Vatican takes a special place in the group of countries in the world. Completely surrounded by Italy`s capital Rome, it attracts many visitors each year as the catholic religious center. The museums and churches in Vatican City hold a lot of breathtaking artworks.

From €1.05*
Bright Italy
The shape of the italian map is as unique as the whole country. It is a favourite travel destination for many and its provinces are very divers - enjoy exploring and sending this bight card!

From €1.05*