Bright Italy

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Bright Italy

The shape of the italian map is as unique as the whole country. It is a favourite travel destination for many and its provinces are very divers - enjoy exploring and sending this bight card!

Accessory Items

IT Stamp Flag
We all know the beautiful flag of Italy! Made of lots of green, red and white stamps.  

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Happy Postcrossing IT
Specially designed for Postcrossers from Italy! We love this country for its food and wine, beaches and historic sites, and the way of living!  

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Happy Postcrossing VA
Being the smallest country in the world, the Vatican takes a special place in the group of countries in the world. Completely surrounded by Italy`s capital Rome, it attracts many visitors each year as the catholic religious center. The museums and churches in Vatican City hold a lot of breathtaking artworks.

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Bright Switzerland
Switzerland in the middle of Europe is famous not only for mountains and chocolate. A tolat of four national languages and a number of provinces, Kantone, make the country divers and quite exciting to visit. Bright Switzerland!

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