German Stamp flag

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German Stamp flag

Germans and their flag...difficult. We tried to interpret the topic with a lot of stamps on our hands.

Accessory Items

Bright Germany
Germany is colourful and diverse, local specialities and hidden gems are there to get explored. This bright postcard invites you to find out more!

From €1.05*
Keep calm and discover Germany - No.1
Keep calm - and discover Germany! Get an introduction into some german highlights, habits, specialities and fun facts. This card, No.1 of a whole series of postcards, shows you the map of Germany and its states called Bundesländer. Discover, collect and enjoy!

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Europe Stamp Flag
We enjoy living in a free and united Europe - and we like to support it with this flag card, made out of blue stamps of many european countries.  

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Germany Puzzle to share - Set of 16 cards
A Germany map card puzzle made of 8 different single cards - neat, right? This set holds two complete sets of cards so you can keep one for yourself while using the other one, you share with another postcard addict - many options to use and enjoy these lovely special matching postcards! This set contains of 16 postcards, 8 different designs, two copies each.

Germany - the stamp. Where are you living? Where are you going to? Were is your letter or postcard travelling to? This rubber stamp features the countries borders and highlights the provinces. Perfect on anything mail, for planners, diaries and journals. Dimensions 2,6 cm * 3,2 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

Facts about Germany
Get a number of interesting facts about Germany at the size of a postcard. Informative and at the same time a pleasure to look at, we invite you to come a little closer!

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FI Stamp Flag
The Finnish flag, a little artwork made out of blue and white stamps. It will make the recipient of this card smile! Blue and white reminds us of the sea and air, clouds and snow, blueberries and lakes.

From €1.05*
AT Stamp Flag
The austrian flag, a little artwork made out of red and white stamps from Austria and international.   

From €1.05*
Enjoy Germany
Come and explore Germany using this map card as a beautiful reference! Ther is lots to see and to do. You can spot some popular highlights that you should not miss when visiting. Of course there is more...

From €1.05*