Bright Germany

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Bright Germany

Germany is colourful and diverse, local specialities and hidden gems are there to get explored. This bright postcard invites you to find out more!

Accessory Items

Bright Austria
Austria - nearly 9 million people live here in the middle of Europe. For many good reasons Austria is a popular holiday destination both in winter as in summer. Lakes and mountains guarantee great outdoor experiences and the cities attract visitors with a lot of history, charm and cultural offers. Nine states form the country and wait for your visit. If you cannot go at once, the postcard helps you to prepare!

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Keep calm and discover Germany - No.1
Keep calm - and discover Germany! Get an introduction into some german highlights, habits, specialities and fun facts. This card, No.1 of a whole series of postcards, shows you the map of Germany and its states called Bundesländer. Discover, collect and enjoy!A6 format postcard, 148 x 105 mm

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Germany Puzzle to share - Set of 16 cards
A Germany map card puzzle made of 8 different single cards - neat, right? This set holds two complete sets of cards so you can keep one for yourself while using the other one, you share with another postcard addict - many options to use and enjoy these lovely special matching postcards! This set contains of 16 postcards, 8 different designs, two copies each.

Deutschland - German Landmark Series
From East to West, North to South - the most stunning highlights of Germany on a postcard, following the series of German Landmarks.

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Enjoy Germany
Come and explore Germany using this map card as a beautiful reference! Ther is lots to see and to do. You can spot some popular highlights that you should not miss when visiting. Of course there is more...

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Typical German
Typical German things, symbols, specialities!

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German Stamp flag
Germans and their flag...difficult. We tried to interpret the topic with a lot of stamps on our hands.

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Inspiring Women from Germany
Nine women from Germany - in their fields, during their lifetime, they achieved remarkable milestones against all odds. Even nowadays we get inspired and enlighted. Version in English

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German Bread and Rolls
The variety of different types of bread and rolls in Germany is large and there is a lot to explore in the local bakeries. From sweet versions to wholegrain, different methods, seasoning and ingredients - it is all there! The postcard shows some alltime favourites.

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Bright Netherlands
The Netherlands - a country and its provinces, colorful and energetic, divers and innovative with a lot of history. We desiged a postcard that is as colorful as the country!

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Blue German Postcrossing Greetings
Sending postcards via Postcrossing is very popular in Germany. This iconic blue card full of lovely details will get the attention of the receipient for sure - enjoy!

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Die deutschen Bundesländer
Germany is formed by 16 states, Bundesländer. Find them all and the respective captals on this lovely  postcard. It shows a number of large cities also to give you orientation!

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Germany Map Sticker Set 50 pc
Greetings from Germany! For your mail all over the world, these beautiful shaped stickers are the perfect decoration and addition. Germany as a sticker. The states are shown in color and so you can easily describe or mark where you are. It is easy and safe to write on the stickers with a ballpoint pen. Should you wish to use a fountain pen or fineliner, make sure to allow some time for drying. This Sticker-Set contains of 50 pieces.  Dimensions: appr. 30 x 45 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.  

papersisters tape typical german
This tape is like a little voyage of discovery across Germany. A whole 25 different typical German symbols offer you huge decoration fun. Perfect for postcards, this tape also looks great on letters and in planners. It is designed by us papersisters and matches perfectly with our postcards about Germany. Have fun with this little gem, which you get only from us! Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 10 m  

Typisch Deutsch Sticker Selection
Typical German... so many symbols and specialties. We showcase them on our german postcards, and here are the matching stickers! Each sheet holds 20 single stickers in a round shape, 2 cm each diameter. Dimensions per sheet 148*105 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany

Von Nord nach Süd - North to South
Colourful card of Germany North to South, with tiny symbols for the respective area.

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Das Paket - alle 17 Karten - German Landmark Series
Want to have them all? Get this attractive set containing all 16 province cards and the Germany version of this series. In English. Oh, yes, the price is attractive!

Deutsche Maler
Last Call! This postcard design will leave our shop soon so now is a good time to get a few extra copies. May we introduce you to eight German painters. They lived between as early as the year 1471 to 1940. They represent a wide range of different ears, styles and techniques. Yet, their oeuvre still touches people nowadays and makes them visit museums to enjoy the beauty of art. German version

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