Postcrossing Stamps

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Postcrossing Stamps

Stamps - small works of art on paper, fascinating and diverse. Many countries have already dedicated one or even several stamp issues to the great hobby of Postcrossing. Popular with collectors and postcrossers! This fun postcard gives you an overview of the official stamp issues so far. There are other, 'unofficial' Postcrossing stamps, but they are not mentioned on this postcard.

Accessory Items

Typical Postcrossing
Typical Postcrossing - all you need to know about it is combined on this new favourite card.  

From €1.05*
True Postcrosser
Do you enjoy Postcrossing? Do you have a nice stash of postcards at home and some spare stamps, checking your mailbox daily? We would then consider you to be a True Postcrosser!  

From €1.05*
StampID for Postcrossers
StampID - the new Must-Have for Postcrossers to have the ID stamped! We took great care in designing this rubber stamp for you that puts you in a position to stamp the postcard ID for your Postcrossing postcards rather than to write them. 11 adjustable rubber stamp elements do the magic. The first two digits are letters and represent your country, so you switch to NL if you are in the Netherlands, FI if in Finland, US for the United States, CA for Canada, RU for Russia and so on. The third digit is an "-", followed  by 8 digits for numbers to build any number up to 99999999. Does this sound crazy? Absolutely! Does this sound complicated? It is not once you try it, it is rather much fun and we can assure you your postcards for Postcrossing get a really cool look! We have been always dreaming about such a tool and are happy we can provide it to you! The letter combinations cover more than 50 countries worldwide. Please check below for available letters to see if your country is covered. It is great to use for travel mode, too. Enjoy exploring this little masterpiece! The rubberstamp comes in a box, also perfect for storage when traveling. The stamped postcard ID is 4 mm high and maximum 4,5 cm long. Available letters... ... first digit: A B C D F G I L N P S U R ... second digit: A B E H I L O R S T U Z N  

Life of a Postcrosser No.16
You know you are a Postcrosser... ...when you keep insisting and write to your responsible institutions to ask for a Postcrossing stamp again and again until the dream becomes true!

From €1.05*
Advanced Postcrosser
Do you love Postcrossing? Maybe you have even attended a Postcrossing Meetup, sometimes visit the Blog or Forum on Postcrossing and consider World Postcard day to be important? Congratulations, we herewith declare you to be an Advanced Postcrosser!  

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Welcome German Postcrossing Stamp
Finally the moment has come! For a long time the German Postcrossing community has advertised, campaigned, written and waited, and now the time has finally come! In 2022, the eagerly awaited stamp in honor of Postcrossing will be released - such wonderful news! Starting October 6, many cards will begin their journey around the world with this stamp. To mark the occasion, we're celebrating the happy end of a long journey with this special postcard!

From €1.05*