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Have you ever experienced a St. John's fire the night before St. John's Day on June 24th? Many customs and myths characterize this special time at the beginning of summer.

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Keep calm... Summer is in the air! Days full of light and warmth, maybe a little time out - wonderful. Enjoy it, the summer!

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The yellow postcard featuring a German letterbox! The journey of many postcards in Germany begins in a yellow letterbox like this. This one features a great beach design - ready to sned holiday cards and any other postcards of course!Postcard in A6 format, 105 x 148 mm

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Allotment gardens form green oases in often densely built-up cities. You can grow vegetables and flowers, tinker with the arbor, relax and meet like-minded people. Often there are long waiting lists for a free space!

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June is the month of summer and the summer solstice. Perfect to enjoy outdoor activities to the maximum. Lucky those who have lakes, rivers or even the sea close by!

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Drinking tea is a ritual with a long tradition in East Frisia and is now recognized as a world heritage. Stövchen, Kandis and Wölkchen are part of it. Have you ever tried an East Frisian tea? Now you can mail one!

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The beginning of May is celebrated with a number of rituals that might differ locally in Germany. Many villages are proudly raising a decorated maypole. Other villages may try to steal it and there is some food, beer and music involved, too. Find out more about about May celebrations on this lovely card!

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There is a large number and variety of Volksfeste, Folk festivals, happing all-year-round in Germany. Most of them have a long history. They might be known all around the world like the famous Oktoberfest in Munich or just in a village. What they have in common is fun activities for the whole family and enough to eat and drink!

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