Ostfriesische Teekultur

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Ostfriesische Teekultur

Drinking tea is a ritual with a long tradition in East Frisia and is now recognized as a world heritage. Stövchen, Kandis and Wölkchen are part of it. Have you ever tried an East Frisian tea? Now you can mail one!

Accessory Items

Happy Postcrossing - Chocolate Lover
Chocolate - who doesn't fall for it? Whether as a praline or bar, spread or to drink, in light, dark or white - the range of delicacies is huge. And here you have the perfect postcard for all connoisseurs.

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Happy Postcrossing - Postcard Collector
Collecting postcards is great fun for many postcrossers around the world. A variety of themes and collecting areas are popular, and unusual interests also unite people in swapping and collecting. Yes, HPC cards are also a popular collector's item.

From €0.95*
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Gotochi Postcards from Japan
Gotochi postcards come from Japan and have become collector's items worldwide. For several years, a new card was issued in each province every year with typical highlights of the respective region. And as a rule, only designs from the respective region are available in the post offices. Absolutely fascinating! A few years ago, we traveled through Japan and (of course) visited one or two post offices. We were excited every time we discovered new Gotochi cards. So we came back with some selected Gotochi cards in our luggage. We are delighted every time we look at them. We are now giving away part of our small, fine selection. So you can enjoy them too. The Gotochi cards are unique in design and shape and always have a special form. Depending on the country, higher postage may be required than for a standard postcard.  

Happy Postcrossing - Tea Lover
Drinking tea means taking time, relaxing and recharging. All over the world, enjoying a cup or glass of tea is very popular. The variety of teas is large - Black and Green tea, fruity and herbal blends just to name a few - and so are the ways of preparation. Enjoy the world of tea!

From €0.95*
Happy Postcrossing Bielefeld
For the first time we dedicate a postcard of the HPC series to a city, and it is not even a capital - Bielefeld. There are many jokes about Bielefeld in Germany, the truth is, it is a beautiful city! And for whatever reason, many inhabitants of Bielefeld are active in Postcrossing. One of the reasons for the unofficial title of "capital of Postcrossing".

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Niedersachsen - German Landmark Series
Lower Saxony - Niedersachsen - is the second largest province in Germany. Inlands, great coastal regions, agriculture and horses are important buzzwords to characterize this northern part of Germany.

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Seaside Sticker Selection
Come and lets go to the sea! This lovely Seaside Sticker Selection, featuring 39 stickers of different shapes and sizes on a sheet, is like a little time off. Enjoy using the selction of lovely stickers for your postards, planners, letters and anything else you can think of! Dimensions:  105 x 148 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Allotment gardens form green oases in often densely built-up cities. You can grow vegetables and flowers, tinker with the arbor, relax and meet like-minded people. Often there are long waiting lists for a free space!

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Typisch Norddeutsch
For our german population of the North - lots of typical symbols and words. Or do you know what a "Feudel" is or "Schitwetter"? You can learn it with this postcard!

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Masking Tape Glitter Desk Scenery
Many books, a globe - what else can you spot on this lovely tape? It has glitter accents for some sparkle magic and makes uns want to grab a book and start reading! Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5m

German Drinks
They can refresh you, warm you up or make you slightly dizzy - there is a great variety of drinks that are popular in Germany, often unique to some regions. Come and explore them!

From €0.95*
Keep calm and drink tea
Keep calm... and drink tea. Trinking a hot cup of tea usually does its magic - it is a little break from the daily busy schedule and leaves you refreshed and happy.

From €0.95*
Happy Postcrossing Lower Saxony
Lower Saxony - Niedersachsen - is the 2nd largest state in Germany by size. Now enthusiastic local postcrossers can send their own HPC card!

From €0.95*
Germany Puzzle Part 1
Come and discover the upper north-west of Germany! You find Hamburg, Flensburg, the islands of the North Sea, some typical things to see and explore and much more. This card is lovely on its own and it is Part 1 of a fun Puzzle of eight postcards forming the map of the whole of Germany. Enjoy collecting them all!

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Travel Leuchtturm Pilsum
The Pilsum lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks of East Frisia and a very popular photo motif. It stands on the North Sea dike. The lighthouse was planned in 1883 as one of 5 leading lights and completed in 1890. One year later they could be put into service. Already in 1919 the operation of the lighthouse was stopped again. In the meantime there were considerations to demolish the lighthouse, but in the spring of 1973 an extensive renovation took place. This gave it its striking red-yellow-red paint job - previously the lighthouse had been painted red. The lighthouse appears in films with the famous comedian Otto Waalkes, but also in some German series. 

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12 Traditions in Germany - set of 12 cards
Holidays, celebrations, customs, traditions - troughout the year there is a number of occasions to remember and celebrate in Germany, often with very local variants. We want to bring these traditions a bit closer to you and invite you to a journey via postcards!  This set contains of 12 postcards, 12 different designs, one copy each.

Have you ever experienced a St. John's fire the night before St. John's Day on June 24th? Many customs and myths characterize this special time at the beginning of summer.

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