papersisters tape santa & reindeer in snow


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papersisters tape santa & reindeer in snow

Santa Claus and his reindeer - this dreamy duo travels on it`s festive mission through a snowy forest. A really lovely Christmas tape brought to you by papersisters. Perfect for your Christmas mail!

Price per roll, measures 15mm *10 m


Accessory Items

Key Ring "Reindeer"
Red, cute and a great companion from now on - a reindeer!

papersisters tape happy postcrossing in winter
Do you enjoy writing cards for Postcrossing in Winter when it is cold outside? If yes, this lovely papersisters tape is for you, spreading some winter vibes. It perfectly matches our winter cards and stickers. This tape is designed by papersisters and available exclusively here in our online shop. Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10 m  

Mail Robin Sticker Set 50 pieces
Happy Mail indeed! Today a lovely robin is on duty to help you decorate and mail your postcards and letters. This Sticker Set contains of 50 pieces of one design. Dimensions: diameter 25 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

papersisters tape merry christmas
Merry Christmas! This festive washi tapes shows different shades of green and little red hearts. Just perfect for your holiday mail. Price per roll, measures 8mm * 10m  

Masking Tape Glitter Christmas
Decorate your Christmas mail extra festive with this special washi tape featuring glittery highlights. Bells, stars, branches - and a "Merry Christmas"! Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5 m

Postcard ID Sticker Set Santa & Rudolph 40 pieces
Merry Christmas! Sending postcards before Christmas is a joyful activity. This magical sticker with Santa Claus and his reindeer sleigh is an eyecatcher for your Postcrossing cards with space for the ID.  It is easy and safe to write on the stickers with a ballpoint pen. Should you wish to use a fountain pen or fineliner, make sure to allow some time for drying. This Sticker-Set contains of 40 pieces.  Dimensions: 65 x 29 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.  

Masking Tape Glitter Christmas Angels
There is glitter! And sparkles! The wide "Christmas Angels" tape with gold-colored accents is a wonderful decorative highlight for mail, gifts and crafts. Price per roll, measures 30 mm * 5 m

Winter Basics
Winter! Cold weather, warm clothes, hot drinks. So much to do and see at this time of the year! Whether you perpare to try your skiing skills or watch the visitors at the bird feeder, enjoy these months!

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Happy Postcrossing in Winter
Happy Postcrossing - sending postcards around the world is much fun all year long. Imagine a hot cup of tea, candlelight and a pen - postcard writing the cozy way!

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Santa and Reindeer in Snow
Snow... imagine turning around and spotting a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer! Just an illusion? It does come true on this lovely postcard!

From €0.95*
Animal World Hedwig
A snowy owl is an imposing sight and a fascinating animal of the Arctic. And then there is this one special owl named Hedwig, it even delivers the mail...

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papersisters tape christmas stars
A narrow tape with lovely stars in red and green tones - we always wanted a design like this. So for this Christmas we simply created our own! A papersisters tape. Price per roll, measures 6 mm * 10m  

papersisters tape christmas mail
In classic festive red and white, this Washi Tape is suitable for decorating gifts, Christmas mail and other paper projects. This gorgeous tape is designed by papersisters and available exclusively through our store. Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10m  

Rubberstamp Santa Mail
Writing and sending Christmas mail - a beloved ritual, every year again. Decorating cards, letters and gifts is especially fun. This cute rubberstamp featuring Santa's sleigh mail is a real highlight! Dimension diameter 3 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

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Merry Christmas to you
A lovely snowy postcard for lovely people - to wish a Merry Christmas.

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Simply Merry Christmas Sticker Set 60 pieces
Merry Christmas! This lovely sticker carries a clear message - and a heart. The perfect little something for your Christmas Decoration when it comes to letters, cards and presents.  This Sticker-Set contains of  60 pieces of the same design.  Dimensions:  51 x 10 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Bullfinch Sticker Set round 40 pieces
To spot a bullfinch is a lovely sight, especially with a snowy background that make the colours even brighter. We have captured a bullfinch on these great round winter stickers. This Sticker-Set contains of 40 stickers of the same design.  Diameter 30 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.  

Typisch Frohe Weihnachten
Merry Christmas! We love all the symbols, specialities and smells around Christmas here in Germany. Hard to resist a Glühwein on a Christmas market or enjoying some homebaked Plätzchen and candlelight...

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Snow - a favourite weather condition for many in Winter! Great for spending time outdoors.

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