papersisters tape postcard friends


Product number: 20026
papersisters tape postcard friends

Hello postcard friends! These animal friends transport postcards - whether by land, sea or air. A sloth is to be spotted, a whale, robin, squirrel - but see for yourself! This colorful and cheerful tape will be an eye-catcher on your postcards and letters. You find this tape designed by us exclusively in our store!

Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 10 m


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Just Cats - World Postcard Day
October 1 is World Postcard Day! All postcard enthusiasts around the world are ready to celebrate and of course our cute furry friends of "Just Cats" join in sending and receiving some postcards on this great day!

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Animal Kingdom Postcard ID Sticker Set 40 pieces
Postcard for you - delivered with the help of a sloth, elephant, polar bear, robin and many more! Everybody will be happy tospot these lovely stickers with space to the postcard ID. It is easy and safe to write on the stickers with a ballpoint pen. Should you wish to use a fountain pen or fineliner, make sure to allow some time for drying. This Sticker-Set contains of 40 pieces of one design.  Dimensions: 65 x 25 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.  

Postal Hugs on World Postcard Day Sticker Set 40 pieces
These stickers are made to send 'Postal Hugs' for World Postcard Day. They nicely match our limited edition 'World Postcard Day 2023' postcard. And they fit well on the left side of the back of the postcard - as you can see in the second picture.Enjoy writing and sending postal hugs! This sticker pack contains of 40 larger stickers.  Dimensions:  65 x 25 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Save the date World Postcard Day Sticker Set 40 pieces
With his 'Save the date' postcard in his beak, the little puffin makes sure you remember the 'World Postcard Day'. A sticker in case someone doesn't know about this day yet. Or just because you are looking forward to that day so much. We have attached a picture so you can see how the sticker looks on the back of a postcard. This sticker set contains of 40 stickers.  Dimensions:  50 x 15 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Rubberstamp World Postcard Day
World Postcard Day on October 1st - a day to celebrate for all friends of the postcard worldwide! Especially for this occasion we have designed a round stamp so you can decorate your mail for this day in style - every year again. Dimension diameter 3 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

Mail Friends Sticker Set 60 pieces
Polar bear, sloth, whale, moose, toucan and robin - these 6 cute fellows are ready to upgrade the cuteness of your postcards and letters. A lovely mix for the great variety. This Sticker Set contains of 60 pieces of six different designs. Dimensions: diameter 25 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.