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The papertraveler. Designed by papersisters. Handmade in Germany. Color: dusty elephant!... more

The papertraveler. Designed by papersisters. Handmade in Germany. Color: dusty elephant!

Do you know the situation - you are travelling, near or far, and find some stunning postcards? Within minutes you put that stash to your bag or backpack? Or you have some written postcards with you to mail them? What a pity to see the lovely cards damaged or hiding in the depth of your bag...

We have experienced this for several times and thought - well, there must be a smart solution!

And here it is, the solution - the papertraveler!

These are the captivating characteristics:

  • Store and protect at least 50 postcards (standard size 10,5 x 14,8 cm) in 2 inside pockets. maximum size of postcards 12 x 17 cm.
  • two small pockets for items like stamps or business cards
  • Outer dimensions 13,5 cm width x 18,5 length
  • innovative material made of natural components, mainly cellulose
  • sustainable with FSC certification
  • tear proof and durable (the material is also used to produce bags and backpacks)
  • vegan
  • Design by papersisters, our webshop exclusive, featuring a fine embossing
  • stunning look and feel
  • handmade
  • made in Germany
  • each papertraveler is a unique item
  • great set of accessories included

Your papertraveler comes well equipped with a colourful rubberband to close it, 5 papersisters postcards, the matching papersisters biro or gel pen (depending on stock) and 10 Airmail Labels.