The Earth

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The Earth

Planet Earth, our home planet. There is so much to see and to learn! Across the different climatic zones, the Earth offers a variety of conditions for plants, animals and people. With this postcards, you have some facts at hand that are good to know.

Accessory Items

Masking Tape Memories of Travel
This wide tape makes you dream of past and future travels. Beautiful landscapes and sceneries are perfect to be used on mail and journals. There is nothing wrong with dreaming... Price per roll, measures 30 mm * 5 m

The planets of our solar system are fascinating, no matter if you are a child or grown-up. We might have a good idea how life on our earth look like - but what might be out there on the other plants? Spotting a planet in the night sky is always a special gift. Our postcard invites you to find out more.

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The Moon
The moon - there is something magic about looking at the moon in the night sky! Not only the full moon, but all other phases of the moon fascinate mankind ever since. Spread some postal lunar joy!

From €0.95*
mt masking tape space infographic
The Earth, planets and beyond - space! This vertical tape is especially lovely for all who have an interest in science and what is out there far far away. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 7 m Made in Japan.

Washi Roll Sticker Planets
Stick the universe on paper! These stunning washi stickers will not fail to amaze you. Planets and a spaceship are featured in 13 different designs. The single elements measure up to 2 cm in diameter. We are happy we can bring this special product at least in small quantities to you - perfect for your snailmail, planners or scrapbooking projects. It comes with a reusable protective box. Total number of stickers 200 Made in Japan.

Lunar Eclipse
Watching a total lunar eclipse on a clear sky is an experience to remember and very fascinating. Just, how does it work? This lovely postcard gives you some hints and ideas.

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Happy Postcrossing - Geocacher
Geocaching fascinates people of different agegroups and nationalities - much like Postcrossing! So it is not a big surprise that many people share both hobbies. We are happy to present this postcard!

From €0.95*
Winter Sky
Watching the stars up in the skies. Imagine what is happening there. Looking at well-known constellations or exploring new ones. Maybe you spot a shooting star and can make a wish? This card gives you a hint of some constellations you can find in the winter sky of Germany and surrounding areas.

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First Moon Landing
Whoever had the opportunity was watching TV in July 1969 to witness the first landing on the moon and the first steps of a human being on the moon. 50 years later we can still share the fascination and around the globe the anniversary is remembered and honoured. We do it the papersisters way - by issuing a postcard!

From €0.95*
Northern Lights
Northern Lights, Polar Lights, Aurora Borealis - this wonderful phenomenon can be seen around the arctic circle in dark skies with a portion of luck. It fascinates people ever since and those lucky ones who were able to see this beauty of nature with their own eyes will never forget it again.

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ASTRONAUT erasable pen black
Are you ready for a little trip to space? May we introduce - "ASTRONAUT". This pen is not only cute to look at but also a pleasure to write with. In case you need to correct something you can simply erase it. The ink used is heat-sensitive and can be removed with a plastic area at the end of the pen. The ink colour of this pen is black. You will not want to miss this new friend!  Please note that we have refills available for our pens.

Stars & Space - set of 15 cards
Stars, moon, planets - enjoy a trip to the universe and back with this cool pack of postcards! This set contains of 15 postcards, 7 different designs, two copies each, and an extra copy of the  planets card.

Happy Postcrossing - Women`s Day
March 8 is International Women's Day! The beginnings date back to 1909. The United Nations made the day known worldwide in 1977. Every year there is a motto and many campaigns are held to draw attention to women's rights. Yes, there are sometimes flowers too. A worthy theme for a dedicated HPC postcard, we believe!

From €0.95*
Happy Postcrossing - Earth Day
Happy Postcrossing - Earth Day Since it started in 1970, various actions take place on this day in many parts of the world to work towards the protection of our planet. A worthy topic for an own HPC postcard, we think!

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