Stars & Space - set of 15 cards


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Stars & Space - set of 15 cards

Stars, moon, planets - enjoy a trip to the universe and back with this cool pack of postcards!

This set contains of 15 postcards, 7 different designs, two copies each, and an extra copy of the  planets card.

Accessory Items

Shooting Stars
Spotting a shooting star or falling star at the night sky is always a special moment and a good time to make a wish. Find out a bit more about this phenomenon with this beautiful card

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Masking Tape Glitter Star Line
How about adding some shiny stars to your postcards, letters and planners? This tiny tape works even for small spaces and loves to shine for you. Price per roll, measures 5 mm * 5m

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Priority & Stars Slim Sticker Set 60 pc
Sometimes, less is more. For example in case space is limited. We designed this lovely Priority sticker that is slimmer and slightly longer than a "regular" Airmail- or Priority Sticker so it fits even on fully written postcards. Smart, right? And pretty, too!  This Sticker-Set contains of 60 stickers.  Dimensions:  48 x 10 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

The Moon
The moon - there is something magic about looking at the moon in the night sky! Not only the full moon, but all other phases of the moon fascinate mankind ever since. Spread some postal lunar joy!

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The sun - many of us call it a day when the sun is shining!

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Sun & Clouds
On many days we see a mix of sun and clouds in the sky, creating always changing images and feelings. Partly, sunny, partly cloudy - a postcard just like life itself!

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To spot a rainbow in the sky is a special moment. The combination of rain and sunshine often creates a dramatic background for this weather phenomenon. The rainbow has also become a strong signal of hope, freedom and diversity. Why not send one today?

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papersisters tape dotted rainbow
Dots in all colours of the rainbow. This papersisters tape is uplifting, bright and versatile to use whenever you need a little colourful something! Price per roll, measures 6 mm * 10 m  

Stamp Rainbow
All the colors of the rainbow. Brought on postcard size made of colorful stamps from around the world.  

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Just Airmail Sticker Set 60 pc
A blue Airmail or Priority sticker gives your postcards and letters the perfect finishing touch when they leave the country. This fun design is a combination of classic and innovative elements and so versatile! Enjoy. This Sticker-Set contains of 60 stickers.  Dimensions:  47 x 15 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

papersisters tape priority & air mail
Priority! Yes, your precious snail mail definitely deserves to be treated as a priority! Enjoy this iconic classic with a twist for you postcards and letters Designed by papersisters and exclusively available in our shop Price per roll, measures 8 mm * 10 m  

Airmail Sticker large "Pelican" Set 60 pieces
Via Air Mail is the preferred way of transportation for any overseas mail. We gave the classical blue label a fun twist so feel invited to try some pelican mail! These stickers are a bit larger than our other air-mail-like stickers which makes them perfect for envelopes. This Sticker-Set contains of 60 stickers.  Dimensions:  47 x 21 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Masking Tape Mixed Stars
This star washi tape is a true star itself and versatile to use. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 7 m

Masking Tape Astronomy
This dreamlike tape brings you home the most beautiful and most famous constellations. Whether the Big Dipper, Orion or Dog - everything appears before your eyes. Golden highlights provide the extra portion of glitter. For all sky gazers a must! Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5m

The planets of our solar system are fascinating, no matter if you are a child or grown-up. We might have a good idea how life on our earth look like - but what might be out there on the other plants? Spotting a planet in the night sky is always a special gift. Our postcard invites you to find out more.

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St. Martin's Day
St. Martin's day is celebrated in large parts of Germany and Europe. On November 11th, people remember to good deeds of St. Martin with processions, traditional geese meals, singing and bonfires. Kids love the sweets they receive when singing traditional songs and the light of lanterns is welcome in the darker time of the year.

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Mini-Set Rainbow - Set 6 postcards
Writing postcards and promoting democracy, tolerance and open-mindedness? Yes, we think that is important and that is why we have a special offer for you. In this mini set you will find the two postcards "Lieblingsfarbe BUNT" and "Wir haben die Wahl" in 3 copies each at a nice price. So you can share the message! This set contains of 6 postcards, 2 different designs, three copies each.

Bright Mail - set of 12 cards
Do you call postcard writing a hobby? And enjoy colours and fun design? This set of 12 postcard might be for you then! For postcrosser, postcard lover and snailmailer. This set contains of 12 postcards, 6 different designs, two copies each.

Lunar Eclipse
Watching a total lunar eclipse on a clear sky is an experience to remember and very fascinating. Just, how does it work? This lovely postcard gives you some hints and ideas.

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Send Postcards for Peace - set of 15 cards
A great new variety of postcards for Peace. Sending a postcard cannot change the world - but it is an act of kindness and friendship. Sending postcards promoting peace is a strong sign of solidarity and engagement. This set contains of 15 postcards, 8 different designs.

Happy Postcrossing - Stargazer
Looking at the stars - do you like it as much as we do? Discovering the Big Dipper, Venus and Orion is fun, and for the more advanced, looking up at the sky is never boring. Looking through a telescope and visiting a planetarium opens up new worlds.

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Keep calm Spring
Keep calm... Spring is in the air! The time of early bloomers brings color to nature and you can hear the birds more and more. Enjoy the beautiful time of spring!

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Keep calm Summer
Keep calm... Summer is in the air! Days full of light and warmth, maybe a little time out - wonderful. Enjoy it, the summer!

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Keep calm prepare World Postcard Day
Keep calm... It will be a while yet, but the next World Postcard Day is sure to come! October 1st each year is a very special day to celebrate the postcard around the world. And you can already look forward to it and prepare for it!

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Keep calm find the milky way
Keep calm... we are very sure you will manage to locate the Milky Way. It is calming and grounding to look up the night sky and to locate some constellations or planets. Or of course just admire the beauty up there!

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First Moon Landing
Whoever had the opportunity was watching TV in July 1969 to witness the first landing on the moon and the first steps of a human being on the moon. 50 years later we can still share the fascination and around the globe the anniversary is remembered and honoured. We do it the papersisters way - by issuing a postcard!

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Keep calm and discover Germany - No.1
Keep calm - and discover Germany! Get an introduction into some german highlights, habits, specialities and fun facts. This card, No.1 of a whole series of postcards, shows you the map of Germany and its states called Bundesländer. Discover, collect and enjoy!A6 format postcard, 148 x 105 mm

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Great Weather Set 15 postcards
The good thing about weather - it is ever changing and 2 days are hardly ever the same. It makes it a great topic for conversations as it impacts our days a lot. Be prepare for (almost) any weather condition with this great postcard set! The set is holding 15 postcards with 5 different designs, 3 copies per design - "Sun", "Sun & Clouds", "Rain", "Thunderstorm" und "Rainbow".  

Milky Way
Looking up to admire the Milky Way is a great experience, best enjoyed from a dark area with minimal light pollution. Now you can even send the Milky Way with lost of interesting facts - enjoy!

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Germany Puzzle to share - Set of 16 cards
A Germany map card puzzle made of 8 different single cards - neat, right? This set holds two complete sets of cards so you can keep one for yourself while using the other one, you share with another postcard addict - many options to use and enjoy these lovely special matching postcards! This set contains of 16 postcards, 8 different designs, two copies each.