Keep calm postcard for you

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Keep calm postcard for you

Keep calm... here is a postcard for you! Someone thought about you, picked this card and sent it to you - lucky you!

Accessory Items

Keep calm
Keep Calm... and write a postcard, of course! To write a postcard is always a good idea, fun both for the sender and the recipient, and never outdated! Show your passion and use this rubber stamp just about anywhere. Dimensions 1,7 cm * 1,8 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

Keep calm Hugs
Keep calm... and send hugs via postcards! Sometimes a postal hug is the only hug that is possible! It warms the heart, too.

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You've got mail
Who does not appreciate finding a surprise card among all the bills in the incoming mail... especially if it is full of stamps!

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CardWood - postcard stand
Postcards can be real beauties and just too pretty to hide them in a drawer. Display your gems with a CardWood! These wooden stands are manufactured for us from oak in Germany. Perfect to hold one or two postcards, extra pretty in groups. These CardWoods make a great present, too! Dimensions 60 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm Made in Germany.

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Keep calm and collect Postcards
Keep calm... and collect postcards! There are so many beautiful motifs for every taste and every area of interest. Have fun!Postcard in A6 format, 105 x 148 mm

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Keep calm Snailmail
Keep calm... and love Snailmail! Writing letters and postcards is fun and to receive these lttle surprises is even better.Postcard in A6 format, 105 x 148 mm

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Keep calm find Mailbox
Keep calm... and make sure that you know where the next mailbox is located! Writing letters and postcards is fun and to receive these little surprises is even better. Dropping mail into a mailbox is so satisfying.Postcard in A6 format, 105 x 148 mm

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The World needs more Postcards
Postcards - they travel around the world and connect people across national borders and cultures. We think postcards make the world a little more colorful and better - The World needs more postcards!Postcard in A6 format, 105 x 148 mm

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Keep calm mailbox
Keep calm... and do not forget to check your mailbox on a regular basis! You might find a nice postcard (like this one) waiting for you!

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Keep calm and carry on
Keep calm... and carry on! What has been first invented in Great Britain in 1939 during WW2 has become a worldwide slogan. However, in this times of global crisis, we look at these simple words with a different perspective and find them very wise and supportive.

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Keep calm Happy Birthday red
Have a happy birthday, enjoy your day and relax! This card will make the recipient smile. Version in red.

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