Keep calm and carry on

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Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm... and carry on! What has been first invented in Great Britain in 1939 during WW2 has become a worldwide slogan. However, in this times of global crisis, we look at these simple words with a different perspective and find them very wise and supportive.

Accessory Items

Masking Tape Pastel Flower Line
These lovely flowers in pastel colours will upgrade any postcard or letter in the most beautiful way. Price per roll, measures 5 mm * 7m

Keep calm postcard for you
Keep calm... here is a postcard for you! Someone thought about you, picked this card and sent it to you - lucky you!

From €0.95*
Happy Postcrossing GB
It was about time to get a "Happy Postcrossing from..." postcard for the United Kingdom!  

From €0.95*
Keep calm read a book
Keep calm... and read a book. Those who love to read are never bored end enjoy discovering new worlds and stories on the pages.

From €0.95*
Keep calm enjoy gardening
Gardening - what a pleasant way of spending time! It is very grounding and calming. Whether you own a large garden or simply enjoy some flower pots on your tiny balcony, any gardening activity is great for both body and soul!

From €0.95*
Typical Postcrossing
Typical Postcrossing - all you need to know about it is combined on this new favourite card.  

From €0.95*
Happy Postcrossing DE - 6th Edition
Proudly presenting the 6th edition of a "Happy Postcrossing from Germany" HPC postcard! This time the focus is on a selection of the prettiest and most famous castles - very subjective selection though.

From €0.95*
Keep calm Hugs
Keep calm... and send hugs via postcards! Sometimes a postal hug is the only hug that is possible! It warms the heart, too.

From €0.95*
Keep calm and drink tea
Keep calm... and drink tea. Trinking a hot cup of tea usually does its magic - it is a little break from the daily busy schedule and leaves you refreshed and happy.

From €0.95*