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Happy Postcrossing SG

Singapore - what a city! Well, not only a city, but a state at the same time. Full of color and life. Heaven for foodies, home of traditional and brand new famous hotels, the Merlion watching from above, a great mix of traditions and modern life. Come and explore it - if not in person, at least via a postcard!

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Happy Postcrossing TH
Thailand- imagine the beach and the palm trees to make a perfect holiday! Obviously, there is much more this country and kingdom in South-East Asia has to offer. A rich history and culture, lively cities, breath taking nature, friendly people and last but not the least delicious food add to the experience and let people come back again and again to visit. Oh did we forgot the colorful underwater world? So much more.

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Happy Postcrossing KR
South Korea in East Asia is a highly developed country and a strong exporter of industrial and technological products. A vivid young cultural scene in combination with a long traditional cultural history make it an exciting place to discover. K-pop and Kimchi are known and loved worldwide!

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Happy Postcrossing NZ
New Zealand - a dream destination to visit for many! Breathtaking natural beauty combined with a visit to Middle Earth, world-class birding and an exciting offer on outdoor activities - all this and more you can find in New Zealand!

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Happy Postcrossing ID
With more than 17.000 islands, Indonesia is a country of great variety and dimensions! We can just highlight some here on our postcard.

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Happy Postcrossing MY
Petronas Towers of Malaysias capital Kuala Lumpur symbolize the modern state in South East Asia. A new king, being head of state, is elected every five years. The different parts and islands of the country offer an insight to the more traditional life. On land, on water and underwater great sights wait to get explored.

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Happy Postcrossing PH
More than 7.000 island form the Philippines. Not a big surprise that no place is further away from the beach than 200 km! Natural wonders attract visitors, and scuba divers find wonderful places to explore, too.

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