Happy Postcrossing NZ

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Happy Postcrossing NZ

New Zealand - a dream destination to visit for many! Breathtaking natural beauty combined with a visit to Middle Earth, world-class birding and an exciting offer on outdoor activities - all this and more you can find in New Zealand!

Accessory Items

Airmail International
Air Mail / Priority / Par Avion / Luftpost - stickers or labels - all similar, but still so different! All around the world, just a small piece of paper.

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Happy Postcrossing SG
Singapore - what a city! Well, not only a city, but a state at the same time. Full of color and life. Heaven for foodies, home of traditional and brand new famous hotels, the Merlion watching from above, a great mix of traditions and modern life. Come and explore it - if not in person, at least via a postcard!

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Life of a Postcrosser No.8
You know you are a Postcrosser... ...when you get many colorful postcards - even the ones belonging to your neighbors

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Happy Postcrossing AU
Koala, kangaroo, platypus, wombat - unique creatures live in this country that is at the same time a continent - Australia. The natural beauty is breathtaking on land and also underwater. Paired with exciting inspiring cities and a relaxed lifestyle, Australia is a dream destination for many travelers. We tried to capture the spirit on our postcard!

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Life of a Postcrosser No.4
You know you are a Postcrosser... ...when you keep explaining to yourself and others why you need more postcards

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