January - Travel the Year

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January - Travel the Year

Hello January! The first month is the start ino a new year. If you are lucky, you have some snow around!

Come and discover the year with us with our new series of monthly postcards. They are inspired by vintage travel style posters.

Designed by papersisters

Accessory Items

Wiedehopf - Bird of the Year 2022
Each year in Germany a "Bird of the Year" is selected. In 2022 it is the Wiedehopf - hoopoe. It is quite difficult to spot one of these spectacular birds in Germany - if you see one, it is easy to tell the species. Enjoy.

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Masking Tape Glitter Snow Festival
Winter - snow - what a joy! Glitter, snowflakes, wintry houses and magical creatures of the sea make a fantastically beautiful tape. Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5 m

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December - Travel the Year
Hello December! This last month of the year is a special one. Christmas and winter celebrations bring some light to the dark weeks and sometimes snow creates a wonderful atmosphere.

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Winter is in the Air
Enjoy winter fun! Warm gloves and a hot tea, ice skating and birdwatching in snow are some of the things best enjoyed during the cold season.

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January. The first month of the year, cold and crisp and fresh. A new start and the moment to greet the year your way.  This is the starting point of our month postcard series. They accompany you throughout the year and come in handy as birthday postcards, too. Enjoy!

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Winter Basics
Winter! Cold weather, warm clothes, hot drinks. So much to do and see at this time of the year! Whether you perpare to try your skiing skills or watch the visitors at the bird feeder, enjoy these months!

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The Year - set of 12 months postcards
Enjoy this postcard walk covering all 12 months from January to December with these lovely postcards. For decorations, birthdays, your diary, or just to keep and collect - this set is great for yourself or as a present.  

March - Travel the Year
March - the third month of the year marks the beginning of spring and nature is all set to start. Iconic storks model for our March postcard in the "Travel the Year" monthly series. Vintage travel poster style the papersisters way.

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Around January 6th, Epiphany, you can spot groups of children dressed up as Three Magi in many areas of Germany. They walk from door to door, singing songs, collecting money for charities,and blessing the houses. A wonderful start to the year during a dark month!

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papersisters tape winter dotted
Dots in a lovely colour combination from pastel blue, turquise and rosé shades.This papersisters tape is lovely to use whenever you need a little something in Winter - not only in Winter! Price per roll, measures 6mm * 10m  

Happy Postcrossing - Happy New Year
Happy New Year! The beginning of the year always is a special event. Whether you make good resolutions or not, whether you celebrate it or not - writing a card for the New Year is always a good idea.

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Keep calm Happy New Year
Keep calm... and start the New Year in style!

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February. Here comes the second and shortest month of the year. Mixed weather in many extremes may be a challenge, but the early bloomers start showing and bringing hope that spring is not far. This is the second item of our month postcard series. They accompany you throughout the year. Any birthdays in February? We have you covered!

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February - Travel the Year
Hello February! The shortest month of the year can bring low temperature while the days have more light already. Come and travel the year with us by collecting these lovely vintage travel poster style postcards. Designed by papersisters

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papersisters tape happy postcrossing in winter
Do you enjoy writing cards for Postcrossing in Winter when it is cold outside? If yes, this lovely papersisters tape is for you, spreading some winter vibes. It perfectly matches our winter cards and stickers. This tape is designed by papersisters and available exclusively here in our online shop. Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10 m  

Masking Tape Winter Sports
Winter! Perfect time for outdoor sports, no matter if you ski or skate or go for a walk. This lovely tape transports the lovely winter fun. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 7 m

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