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Bielefeld - once a year this city becomes a mecca for Postcrossing friends from all over the world. Writing and signing cards, making friends, simply having a good time together.

Accessory Items

papersisters tape happy postcrossing germany
Postcrossing is very popular in Germany - we are happy to offer a beautiful tape that features some German icons and greetings to decorate cards sent via Postcrossing. Typical papersisters style included. Enjoy! Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10 m  

Happy Postcrossing Meetup II
Have you ever joined a Postcrossing Meetup? So much fun to meet other postcard enthusiasts! With this card, you will always come prepared, even if you decide last minute!

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Typisch NRW
North Rhine-Westphalia is the german province with more than 17 mio people living there. Obviously, there is a lot to explore and learn! This card highlights some of the icons of NRW (as it is called as a short form). Enjoy finding out!

From €0.95*
Happy Postcrossing NRW
Going by numbers of inhabitants, Northrhine-Westphalia is the biggest state in Germany. Many people mean big cities, industry and many cars - yes! But there is so much more that that - rich culture, beautiful nature, great sports just to name some aspects. Take a closer look and you see it is well worth it! Of course a special HPC postcard is long overdue.

From €0.95*
Did you know there is an oak tree in the North of Germany that has its own postal address? That people all over the world can use in case they are looking for a partner? True story that dates back to the 19th century! Enjoy finding out more about the "Bräutigamseiche".

From €0.95*
Germany Puzzle Part 3
Come and discover the sights of the middle north-west of Germany! You can find big cities like Bremen, hannover and Düsseldorf as well as culture and nature. This card is lovely on its own, and it is Part 3 of a fun Puzzle of eight postcards forming the map of the whole of Germany. Enjoy collecting them all!

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Happy Postcrossing Bielefeld
For the first time we dedicate a postcard of the HPC series to a city, and it is not even a capital - Bielefeld. There are many jokes about Bielefeld in Germany, the truth is, it is a beautiful city! And for whatever reason, many inhabitants of Bielefeld are active in Postcrossing. One of the reasons for the unofficial title of "capital of Postcrossing".

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