Mini-Set Rainbow - Set 6 postcards


Product number: RAINBOW
Mini-Set Rainbow - Set 6 postcards

Writing postcards and promoting democracy, tolerance and open-mindedness? Yes, we think that is important and that is why we have a special offer for you. In this mini set you will find the two postcards "Lieblingsfarbe BUNT" and "Wir haben die Wahl" in 3 copies each at a nice price. So you can share the message!

This set contains of 6 postcards, 2 different designs, three copies each.

Accessory Items

Bright Mail - set of 12 cards
Do you call postcard writing a hobby? And enjoy colours and fun design? This set of 12 postcard might be for you then! For postcrosser, postcard lover and snailmailer. This set contains of 12 postcards, 6 different designs, two copies each.

Lieblingsfarbe BUNT
This postcard shows attitude - favorite color colorful! For tolerance, humanity, diversity, democracy and freedom. Values that are important to many people for sure. This card is great on its own and perfect together with the twin card "Wir haben die Wahl".Postcard in A6 format, 105 x 148 mm

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Wir haben die Wahl
The freedom to vote is one of the foundations of democracy. Whether at local, national or EU level, elections give us the opportunity to influence decisions and express our views. The postcard for the election! Together with the "Lieblingsfarbe BUNT" you get a great picture.Postcard in A6 format, 105 x 148 mm

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Europe Stamp Flag
We enjoy living in a free and united Europe - and we like to support it with this flag postcard, made out of blue stamps of many european countries.  

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Postcard Peace & Humanity Stamp Europa
Peace and Humanity - are high goods of mankind and essentials for a good coexistence. In the year 2023 it is the motto of the jointly issued EUROPA stamp series. And - of course - we feel inspired to visualize this motto on a special postcard.

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Peace Sign
The legendary peace sign is known and understood around the world. We interpreted it the papersisters way with stamps connecting the world.

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Keep calm stand up for peace
To keep calm is a valid and wise advice in any crisis sitaution. It does not mean to keep quiet - standing up for peace, united and peaceful, is a powerful sign.

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Postcards for Peace and connect Sticker Set 60 pieces
Postcards connect People and Postcards travel for Peace - yes, we believe both statements are true! Every single friendly postcard connects people and shows friendlyness and compassion - just what the world needs! This set holds 2 different designs, 30 stickers each, 60 in total Dimensions 30*14 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Rubberstamp Happy Postcrossing Peace on Earth
Happy Postcrossing - Peace on Earth. Writing postcards via Postcrossing brings people together with a friendly simple postcard. Different countries, cultures, values and points of view can be shared. A true peace project, we believe. You can use this iconic rubberstmp if you would like to emphasize the message! Dimension diameter 3 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

Stamp Rainbow
All the colors of the rainbow. Brought on postcard size made of colorful stamps from around the world.  

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To spot a rainbow in the sky is a special moment. The combination of rain and sunshine often creates a dramatic background for this weather phenomenon. The rainbow has also become a strong signal of hope, freedom and diversity. Why not send one today?

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papersisters tape bright happy postcrossing
Happy Postcrossing! This slogan can be found on many postcards that are sent via Postcrossing. In cheerful bright colors, the words can now be found on this beautiful papersisters tape, which you can get exclusively through our site. Happy Postcrossing! Price per roll, measures 8mm * 10m  

Mailboxes can be found in different colors and shapes almost all over the world. Often in yellow or red, but also blue and green versions can be found and thus form a colorful picture. Whether round or square, mailboxes are iconic and easy to spot. Did we mention yet we love different mailboxes?

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