Masking Tape Frederick


Product number: MDS6764021S1
Masking Tape Frederick

Who doesn't love him - Frederick is the hero of a classic children's book by Leo Lionni. We are very happy to have captured him here in our store on this enchanting tape. We will gladly send you a Frederic!

Price per roll, measures 20mm * 10m

Made in Japan

Accessory Items

Masking Tape Coco Letter
Great to see Coco starting early to become a true snailmailer! She is writing to her new friends and her little dog is carefulla watching. We immediately fell for this lovely tape from Japan! Just perfect for letters and postcards. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 7m

The Moomins Masking Tape Border Pink
The Moomins are on the loose! Right here with us - and we are happy to share them with you. These unique tapes are populated by the Moomins, the cult characters from Finland. This design charms in pink / pink. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5 m

Masking Tape Animal Party
The party is on! This vertical to use tape is the stage for many colorful little happy animals and definitely an eye-catcher! Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 7 m

Braunkehlchen - Bird of the Year 2023
Each year in Germany a "Bird of the Year" is selected. Almost everyone knows the robin - but the whinchat? The title "Bird of the Year 2023" puts the spotlight on this little bird that spends the winter in Africa! And we dedicate an iconic postcard to it.

From €0.95*
Happy Postcrossing - Garden Lover
Working in the garden, sowing, harvesting, mowing, weeding are activities that ground you in the truest sense of the word. Whether it's your own large garden or a small balcony garden is not so important - the activity outside is good for both body and soul!

From €0.95*
Keep calm enjoy gardening
Gardening - what a pleasant way of spending time! It is very grounding and calming. Whether you own a large garden or simply enjoy some flower pots on your tiny balcony, any gardening activity is great for both body and soul!

From €0.95*
mt masking tape x nordic countries colorful dog
Lisa Larson from Sweden is the designer of this fabulous tape designs for mt x nordic countries series - enjoy colorful dogs! Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 7 m Made in Japan.

The Moomins Masking Tape Border Green
Aren't those... yes, that's right, the Moomins! The cult characters from Finland populate unique tapes. This design is in beautiful shades of green. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5 m

Masking Tape Petit Box Zoo
This little treasure box has a wild content! In the beautifully designed box are 5 different small washi tape rolls with different animal and nature motifs. A little treasure to keep or share - a great gift, we think! Price per box Box size45mm x 60mm x 18mm Masking tape size15mm x 3m  (1 roll)10mm x 3m (2 rolls)5mm x 3m (2 rolls) Made in Japan.

Just Cats - Cat Card
For all you cat people out there! Cat mail. What do these 4 furry noses have in mind right now? They send greetings by postcard and get support from a feathered friend.

From €0.95*
Masking Tape Tiny Animal Line 3 pc
A pack of cuteness times three! These three delicate tapes feature cat paws (and a cat), birds and its footprint and a herd of happy sheet. Perfect for planners but also as a touch of decoration for postcards. Price per 3 rolls in different designs, each measures 4 mm * 7 m