Happy Postcrossing MX

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Happy Postcrossing MX

Mexico offers a vast number of highlights to its visitors - dream beaches, volcanoes, ancient ruins, rainforests and culinary discoveries - possibly spicy - are there to be explored and enjoyed.

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Happy Postcrossing PR
Happy Postcrossing - hello Puerto Rico! This Caribbean island is closely linked to the USA, yet has a unique lifestyle and heritage. Rainforests and dream beaches, small islets, music chilled drinks (Coco Frio!) make Puerto Rico a place to be! Even if is just for a vacation.

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Happy Postcrossing PE
Peru - deserts, rainforests and mountains are there to be explored and to surprise us. Traces of ancient history and culinary surprises add to the charme of this beautiful country in South America.

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Happy Postcrossing CA
"The true North strong and free". Canada - a large beautiful country with scenic landscapes reaching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. There is more to explore than natures beauty. Lively cities, friendly people and some culinary surprises await you. You cannot visit the country without having tried Poutine and got yourself a bottle of Maple Syrup!

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Happy Postcrossing US
A flag full of stars, an iconic Statue of Liberty, wildlife in the majestic National Parks across the great country - the United States of America are full of magic and wonders, diverse and colorful. The postcard for our fellow US Postcrossers.  

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Happy Postcrossing BR
How about exploring amazing rainforests? Enjoying a cool drink at the beach? Meet real football enthusiasts? You feel the sun when you hear words like Ipanema, Rio, Iguacu or Caipirinha. Just a small piece of the wonders the grand country of Brazil has to offer. Worth a visit. And sure worth a postcard!

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Happy Postcrossing DO
The sound of Merengue und Bachata, cocktails with Rum, white sandy beaches - the Dominican Republic offers visitors a wonderful tropical holiday experience. However, there is more to see than the beach life. How about exploring the highest peaok of the Caribbean for a change? Or walking the historic paths in the capital Santo Domingo?

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