Happy Postcrossing KZ

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Happy Postcrossing KZ

Thousands of unique Saiga Antelopes roam the steppes, the capital was latest renamed in 2019, the largest country on earth without a coastline - just a few facts about this amazing country. It makes one curious to find out more! 

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Typical Postcrossing
Typical Postcrossing - all you need to know about it is combined on this new favourite card.  

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Happy Postcrossing IN
India- when we think about this country, the largest democracy in the world, a lot of pictures come to our mind. Spices and flavors, fairy tale buildings, lively cities, beautiful landscapes and, if you are really lucky, even tigers are there to be discovered. It is difficult to put all the variety on a tiny postcard- take it as an invitation to find out more!

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Happy Postcrossing RU
Hello and welcome Russia! As the largest country on earth, of course you need your own countries "Happy Postcrossing..." postcard!

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