Happy Postcrossing IE

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Product number: HPC-IE
Happy Postcrossing IE

Hello Ireland - we' ve designed an HPC postcard for Postcrossers from Ireland! Safe travels!


Accessory Items

Happy Postcrossing JP
Konnichiwa Japan - we are happy we can present to you the first HPC postcard in Asia! Designing was fun but hard to choose the "best" highlights...

From €1.05*
Happy Postcrossing CA
"The true North strong and free". Canada - a large beautiful country with scenic landscapes reaching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. There is more to explore than natures beauty. Lively cities, friendly people and some culinary surprises await you. You cannot visit the country without having tried Poutine and got yourself a bottle of Maple Syrup!

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Happy Postcrossing GB
It was about time to get a "Happy Postcrossing from..." postcard for the United Kingdom!  

From €1.05*
Happy Postcrossing DE
Happy Postcrossing from - Germany! We share the passion and designed this postcard especially for Postcrosser in Germany. With a Dachshund, Pretzel, our former currency D-Mark and other bits and pieces you can get some german flavors!

From €1.05*