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Happy Postcrossing CN

About 1,4 billion people call the Peoples Republic of China home. From rural areas to glittering mega cities, this country has it all. The combination of a long history and traditions and a very modern presence makes it an exciting place to discover. The Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army and iconic Giant Panda are just some ambassadors. Chinese New Year celebrations continue for days and are held all over the world. 2019 marks the Year of the Pig.

Accessory Items

Typical Postcrossing
Typical Postcrossing - all you need to know about it is combined on this new favourite card.  

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Postcrossing Postcard Puzzle Part 6 - R
Postcrossing lets cards travel around the world and connects people. Join us on a special journey from the Arctic to Antarctica! On 12 magic postcards. Collect and connect them all and enjoy a unique puzzle experience for avid Postcossers! Part 6 of the puzzle features the letter R and a giant panda as an ambassador for the animals of Asia.

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Happy Postcrossing MO
Macao`s history as a portuguese colony ended in 1999. Throughout the city, the signs of the past are visible and add to the special charm of Macao. Often compare to Monaco and Las Vegas, the city is a popular weekend destination as gambling is legal. The most impressive ruins of St. Paul`s cathedral are not to be missed. Also, Macao has become a mecca for motor sport aficionados.

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Happy Postcrossing!
Postcrossing unites us around the world - now you can wish each other "Happy Postcrossing!" without having to actually write it! Dimensions 3,2 cm * 0,6 cm  All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.    

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Happy Postcrossing HK
Hong Kong is a special city with a colorful history. And so much to discover! Take a ride with the Star Ferry or up to Victoria peak, admire the Skyline during the day and night, shop till you drop, and escape the densely populated areas and explore the smaller islands. And more!

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Happy Postcrossing KR
South Korea in East Asia is a highly developed country and a strong exporter of industrial and technological products. A vivid young cultural scene in combination with a long traditional cultural history make it an exciting place to discover. K-pop and Kimchi are known and loved worldwide!

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