Keep calm Ice Cream

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Keep calm Ice Cream

Let`s have an ice cream! There are so many flavours, toppings and styles it never gets boring... Such a great summer treat. What is your favourite? 

Accessory Items

German Sweets
German sweets! Desserts and treats, some are local favorites and some loved across the country. There is something for everybody to try!

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Keep calm ride your Bicycle
To go for a bicyle ride is great for your body, your soul and at the same time sustainable - so many good reasosn, let`s go!

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Keep calm Cheers
How about a cool drink? No matter if you enjoy it at the beach, in a restaurant or simply in the evening on your balcony, it just adds to this summer feeling! Cheers.

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Happy Postcrossing - from the Sea
Being by the sea is great for body and soul. The air, seeing the water, hearing the waves - it simply feels good. Whether as a short break for a few hours or as a long vacation, the sea is a place of longing for many people.

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Keep calm Beach
To spend a lazy day at the beach - how does that sound for you right now? Most probably quite a lovely thought and we hope you have a chance to relax!

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Keep calm Sun Glasses
Sun glasses are essential for summer. To protect your eyes from the sun, yes, but also to upgrade your outfit so summer mode. It`s cool!

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Delicious Ice Cream
What a sight - a delicious ice cream! Just perfect for the summer feeling. Different flavours of ice cream, whipped cream, a touch of fruit and some lovely decoration gives you that instant holiday feeling. Now you can safely mail an ice cream in vintage travel poster style!

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