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We know postcards have no superpower but for sure a nice postcard can make your day even a bit better!

Accessory Items

Postcard Basics
Postcards. A piece of cardboard that delights both receiver and sender. It does not need a lot of items to let the magic begin - a postcard, a pen, a - possibly nice - stamp and a letterbox or post office. Off it goes to travel around the world or to the next village.

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Just Postcrossing
Postcrossing. This one magic word is opening a whole universe for postcard enthusiasts and people who love to connect worldwide via postcards. Just Postcrossing!

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Sent with Love
Sent with love. Sending a handwritten postcard is a great sign of compassion and care. This card will make both the sender and the receiver happy!

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Best of Postcrossing
Postcrossing is like a journey. Postcards arrive, from someone you don't (usually) know, each one a surprise. And the surprises don't stop! Whether the card comes from the neighborhood or has traveled thousands of miles, maybe there is one made of cork or without a stamp, maybe you get a motif two or three times.... The possibilities are endless! Enjoy the journey.  

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You've got mail
Who does not appreciate finding a surprise card among all the bills in the incoming mail... especially if it is full of stamps!

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I love Postcards
Simple message - I love Postcards! To write them, to receive them, to collect them, to decorate with them. Do you love postcards, too?

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I love Snailmail
Snailmail - the art of hand-writing letters and postcards and sending them around the world or just a few streets down. Who would not love to receive some kind words - let us keep this art alive!

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A Postcard a Day
Some days, a postcard with a nice message can really make the difference. Actually, we believe any day gets even better with some lovely handwritten message!

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