Travel Leuchtturm Amrum

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Travel Leuchtturm Amrum

Amrum Lighthouse stands in the south of the North Frisian island of Amrum. It was opened in 1875 and is the highest accessible tower on the North Sea coast. The Amrum lighthouse has an impressive height of 41.8 meters. The lighthouse can be climbed in the mornings during the summer months, and from the top you have a fantastic view of Amrum, the neighboring islands of Sylt and Föhr, as well as the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site.


Accessory Items

Seaside Sticker Selection
Come and lets go to the sea! This lovely Seaside Sticker Selection, featuring 39 stickers of different shapes and sizes on a sheet, is like a little time off. Enjoy using the selction of lovely stickers for your postards, planners, letters and anything else you can think of! Dimensions:  105 x 148 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Leuchttürme Nordsee I
Lighthouses are fascinating! This beautiful maritime postcard features 9 different lighthouses of the German North Sea. Their names are Roter Sand, Helgoland, Kampen, Hörnum, Büsum, Westerheversand, Unter- and Oberfeuer Bremerhaven. Can you feel the sea?

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Travel Leuchtturm Campen
The Campen lighthouse is the highest lighthouse in Germany with a height of 65.30 meters. It is also affectionately known as the "East Frisian Eiffel Tower". It stands at the mouth of the Ems into the North Sea in the municipality of Krummhörn, northwest of Emden. The construction of the steel tower began in 1889 and the beacon has a range of 55 km. Between March and November, visitors who are fit and free from giddiness can climb the 308 steps and enjoy a wonderful view as a reward. Only 13 lighthouses in the world are still higher. In 2019, the Deutsche Post has issued a stamp featuring the Campen lighthouse

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Travel Leuchtturm Friedrichsort
Green-white, standing on a small island and made of reinforced concrete - characteristics of the lighthouse Friedrichsort in the Kiel Fjord. This lighthouse, 31.7 meters high, has been in operation since 1971, replacing its predecessors - the first beacon at this location dates back to 1815. The route to Kiel Harbor and the locks of the Kiel Canal pass by this structure. In 2022 Deutsche Post honors the lighthouse with issuing of a stamp.

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Travel Leuchtturm Tinsdal
The lighthouse Tinsdal spans a height of 42 meters. It is one of the oldest steel lighthouses and has been doing its duty on the Elbe in Hamburg since 1900. Since 2004, this impressive red and white construction has been listed as a historic monument and in 2021 a matching stamp was issued by Deutsche Post.

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Travel Leuchtturm Pilsum
The Pilsum lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks of East Frisia and a very popular photo motif. It stands on the North Sea dike. The lighthouse was planned in 1883 as one of 5 leading lights and completed in 1890. One year later they could be put into service. Already in 1919 the operation of the lighthouse was stopped again. In the meantime there were considerations to demolish the lighthouse, but in the spring of 1973 an extensive renovation took place. This gave it its striking red-yellow-red paint job - previously the lighthouse had been painted red. The lighthouse appears in films with the famous comedian Otto Waalkes, but also in some German series. 

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Schleswig-Holstein - German Landmark Series
This beautiful province in the far North of Germany has beaches on the Baltic sea and North sea - fresh air guaranteed!

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Spending time at the beach is usually very nice! The air, the smell and taste of salt water, long walks - and maybe there is a small shell to keep as a souvenir. Does that sound good? This lovely postcard in vintage travel style takes you to the beach within seconds!

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Leuchttürme Nordsee II
Lighthouses are fascinating! This beautiful maritime postcard features 8 different lighthouses of the German North Sea. Their names are Hohe Weg, Arngast, Kleiner Leuchtturm Borkum, Campen, Neuer Leuchtturm Wangerooge, Norderney, Pellworm und Pilsum. Can you smell the sea?

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Travel Leuchtturm Hörnum
In the south of the North Frisian island Sylt on a sand dune stands the lighthouse Hörnum. Construction of the 34-meter high red and white banded tower began in 1907. The lighthouses Westerheversand and Pellworm are almost identical in construction. From 1914 to 1933, one room of the Hörnum lighthouse housed Germany's smallest school with two to five pupils. The lighthouse is open to visitors and can even be used as a place for weddings.

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Travel Leuchtturm Roter Sand
Roter Sand - this name stands for a very special lighthouse in the North Sea. When it was completed in 1885, it was considered the first offshore structure in the world. A technical and structural masterpiece and today a listed building, honored as a historic landmark of engineering in Germany. Washed by water, the red and white sections mark the five floors. For 101 years and 11 days the lighthouse was in operation and still fascinates people with its special appearance and history.

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Travel Leuchtturm Flügge
Flügge Lighthouse stands in the southwest of the island of Fehmarn. The height of the tower is 31.5 meters. The lighthouse has been in operation since 1916. Since 2005, civil weddings have been held in the Flügge lighthouse on a few days a year. The ceremony takes place on the ground floor, the number of guests is limited to 12 people due to lack of space.

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Travel Leuchtturm Norderney
The listed lighthouse in Norderney is the highest building on the island with a height of almost 60 meters and 252 steps. In the years 1872 to 1874, the tower was built on a 10 meter high dune. Today, the lighthouse still serves seafaring as an active beacon. Next to the lighthouse is the former keeper's and engine house. A visit to the lighthouse is a must during a stay on lovely Norderney.

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