German Philosophers

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German Philosophers

Condensed on the space of a postcard, learn about eight German thinkers and philosophers across three centuries. They have all had great inpact on the way of thinking and acting at their times and for the following generations.

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German Inventors
Letterpress, telephone, motorcycle - we all know them. German inventors across the centuries helped with their research effort to change the world a bit.

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German Painters
May we introduce you to eight German painters. They lived between as early as the year 1471 to 1940. They represent a wide range of different ears, styles and techniques. Yet, their oeuvre still touches people nowadays and makes them visit museums to enjoy the beauty of art.

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German Poets
There is a rich history of famous german poets and writers - some names are more famous than others and for sure there are many more next to the eight gentlemen we are presenting here. Perhaps an invitation to explore and find out more?

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German Composers
The music of some of the great german composers is known and loved all over the world. Come and start exploring Bach, Beethoven, Händel and more!

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