Masking Tape Glitter Cats


Product number: BG9026927S1
Masking Tape Glitter Cats

These cats look very happy and content - maybe it is because their favourite snacks are on the tape, too? Or the shiny golden stars? We cannot tell but know for sure this is an instant favourite for any cat person!

Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5 m

Accessory Items

Just Cats - Sofa Cat
The sofa is a great place to be. But better have an eye on what is happening around you once in a while...

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Masking Tape Glitter Happy Cat Party
So much life on this wide tape! Lots of kitties meet, eat, fish, play and enjoyed thier cat life. A cat glitter party in the green. Price per roll, measures 20 mm * 5 m

Rubberstamp Cat Mail
Do you love cats? Then this round rubber stamp with a wooden handle is the real It-Piece for you! It will turn your postcards and letters into little artworks. Dimension diameter 3 cm All our rubber stamps are our own designs and are manufactured in Germany in small batches.

Keep calm pet your cat
Keep calm... and pet your cat. Every cat person knows how calming it is to have a furry friend around...

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Masking Tape Glitter Village Life
This tape has so many lovely items on it - colourful houses, cats, a tree and a bike, and even a mailbox! Shining highlights in copper finally turn it into a unique design. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5 m

Masking Tape Glitter Kitties
Glitter cat tape - we don't need to say anything else about it, do we? This cheerful lot is a lovely upgrade for your letters, cards and calendars. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5 m

Just Cats - Mailday
Cat mail. Postcards oh so many postcards for the cat - who would not enjoy enjoy all this wonderful mail!

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Masking Tape Blue Cat
They play, they sit, they watch - blue cats garnished with silver highlights are just too beautiful to not show you. Price per roll, measures 15 mm * 5m

Masking Tape Pandora Cat
Cheeky cats in black and white with colorful highlights in front of a cheerful polka dot background - unfortunately only in small quantities we could procure this beautiful tape. Good news is the rolls hold 10 meters of tape! Price per roll, measures 15mm * 10 m Made in Japan.

Just Cats - Set of 12 postcards
Travel along the year with "Just Cats" postcards! Compiled for you, this set includes 12 carefully selected postcards of our "Just Cats" series that fit the respective month and season.  A wonderful gift for cat- and postcard lovers and at the same time a perfect little stash with a great variety for yourself to keep and enjoy. This will be a beautiful year!  

Masking Tape Collection Book
For all the fans of washi or masking tape - proudly presenting a beautiful smart collection book for you! This innovative book has a kraftpaper cover with a golden imprint. It holds three register sheets and 20 index cards. These cards have space to attach washi samples and further information on your respective washi tape like name and manufacturer, dimensions and the shop name where you purchased the tape from. There is a dedicated place also to put the top label of the packaging. You might want to use one sheet / two pages per washi roll. The books feature a spiral binding system; to open it, you need to pull on the lower part (it sounds complicated but works beautifully once you have it in your hands). The book comes with 20 index cards but you can easily add another 20 that you find in our store also as a Refill Pack.  This book is manufactured in the motherland of masking tapes, Japan. We are very happy we could spot it there and bring it to our shop to make it available for all the fans of washi tapes here. Enjoy! The dimensions of the book are 16,5 * 15 cm, the index cards inside measure 14,5 * 10,5 cm. The tapes you see on the pictures are decoration only and are not included in this item.  Made in Japan

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