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Loki Schmidt * Women * Loki Schmidt * Women *
Loki Schmidt was the wife of the former german chancellor Helmut Schmidt. But she was much more than "the wife of...". Always fascinated by plants, she made research in Botany and the conservation of natural habitats a mission for life....
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Clara Schumann * Women * Clara Schumann * Women *
September 13th 2019 marks the 200th birthday of Clara Schumann. Her achievemnts as a composer and pianist on the one hand, and her life as the wife of Robert Schumann and their eight children on the other hand still fascinate people...
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Cilly Aussem * Women * Cilly Aussem * Women *
Cäcilia Edith "Cilly" Aussem - she is not very well known in Germany these days, though she was the first German tennis player ever winning the legendary Wimbledon Championship. That was many years before Boris Becker was even born. Her...
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Lise Meitner * Women * Lise Meitner * Women *
Born in Vienna, Lise Meitner became a Nuclear Physicist in times when women in science were a rare exception. She spent many years in Berlin and continued her research from Stockholm when she had to go into exile 1938. Her scientific...
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Sophie Scholl * Women * Sophie Scholl * Women *
Sophie Scholl - this name stands for the students' resistance against Nazi Germany. Her - then highly illegal - activities for the resistance group "White Rose" led to her arrest, and she was sentenced to death along with her brother...
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Bertha Benz * Women * Bertha Benz * Women *
Imagine- to enter a car and drive for more than 100 kilometers. Not a big deal, you think? Agreed- unless it is year 1888 and nobody had tried this before! Bertha Benz just did it! Her husband had invented the vehicle but was not...
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Maria Sibylla Merian * Women * Maria Sibylla Merian * Women *
Imagine living in the 17th century, crossing the Atlantic ocean with your daughter to study the natural wonders of Surinam, you need a good portion of courage and faith! When you add great scientific and artistic talent, it is obvious we...
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Margarete Steiff * Women * Margarete Steiff * Women *
Across Germany you will find at least one furry friend made by Steiff in many households. Some Teddy bears turn into lifelong companions! As adorable as the products are, we are even more fasccinated by the life of the founder of the...
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Marlene Dietrich * Women * Marlene Dietrich * Women *
Marlene Dietrich - who does not think about Lola in "The Blue Angel"? Singer and actress, Berlin and Hollywood, fame and also criticism, talent and convictions, more than 90 years of full life. A fascinating woman in many ways and well...
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