Niedersachsen - German Landmark Series

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Niedersachsen - German Landmark Series

Lower Saxony - Niedersachsen - is the second largest province in Germany. Inlands, great coastal regions, agriculture and horses are important buzzwords to characterize this northern part of Germany.

Accessory Items

Bremen - German Landmark Series
Bremen and the city of Bremerhaven are a province of their own - the smalles one in Germany when it comes to population.

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Happy Postcrossing Lower Saxony
Lower Saxony - Niedersachsen - is the 2nd largest state in Germany by size. Now enthusiastic local postcrossers can send their own HPC card!

From €1.05*
Happy Postcrossing Northern Germany
"Moin" is a popular way of greeting each other in the northern part of Germany. There is much to see, do and taste to make this region a great place to live or to visit.

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Leuchttürme Nordsee I
Lighthouses are fascinating! This beautiful maritime postcard features 9 different lighthouses of the German North Sea. Their names are Roter Sand, Helgoland, Kampen, Hörnum, Büsum, Westerheversand, Unter- and Oberfeuer Bremerhaven. Can you feel the sea?

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Travel Lighthouses - set of 16 cards
Lighthouses - they are fascinating, picturesque, eye-catching and very different. For sure they are never boring!  We have dedicated iconic postcards in Travel Poster style to some of the most beautiful and striking lighthouses in Germany. In this ultimate set you will find the following lighthouses: Tinsdal, Friedrichsort, Hörnum, Campen, Roter Sand, Helgoland, Norderney, Arkona, Dornbusch, Flügge, Schleimünde, Lindau, Moritzburg, Amrum, Pilsum and the Molenturm Bremerhaven. This set contains 16 cards with 16 different designs.

Ostfriesische Teekultur
Drinking tea is a ritual with a long tradition in East Frisia and is now recognized as a world heritage. Stövchen, Kandis and Wölkchen are part of it. Have you ever tried an East Frisian tea? Now you can mail one!

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Button "Moin"
Moin! You might hear this traditional greeting in Northern Germany. size 25 mm Price per piece

Seaside Sticker Selection
Come and lets go to the sea! This lovely Seaside Sticker Selection, featuring 39 stickers of different shapes and sizes on a sheet, is like a little time off. Enjoy using the selction of lovely stickers for your postards, planners, letters and anything else you can think of! Dimensions:  105 x 148 mm  Design by papersisters, Made in Germany.

Typisch Norddeutsch
For our german population of the North - lots of typical symbols and words. Or do you know what a "Feudel" is or "Schitwetter"? You can learn it with this postcard!

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Travel Leuchtturm Pilsum
The Pilsum lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks of East Frisia and a very popular photo motif. It stands on the North Sea dike. The lighthouse was planned in 1883 as one of 5 leading lights and completed in 1890. One year later they could be put into service. Already in 1919 the operation of the lighthouse was stopped again. In the meantime there were considerations to demolish the lighthouse, but in the spring of 1973 an extensive renovation took place. This gave it its striking red-yellow-red paint job - previously the lighthouse had been painted red. The lighthouse appears in films with the famous comedian Otto Waalkes, but also in some German series. 

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Hamburg - German Landmark Series
Hamburg - the city in the North with its large harbour and, as the latest attraction, the magic building of the Elbphilharmonie - sure worth the visit!

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