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DAYS Ballpoint Pen DAYS Ballpoint Pen
Hard to chose which colour you like most? We know - feel free to pick more versions of this 0,5 mm tip fine ballpoint pen. It has a wooden body and, as we believe, a very uplifting design for every day. Special and elegant and great to...
€6.77 *
Zig Zag Wooden Pen Zig Zag Wooden Pen
This pen is so much more than just another pen! With its wooden body, smart message (who would not like to be a writer?), great design and features like a clip and its click mechanism, this pen is a favourite on any desk. It has a 1mm...
€13.60 *
DAYS Ballpoint Pen Refill DAYS Ballpoint Pen Refill
Refill for DAYS Ballpoint Pen, colour black, 0,5mm tip. One piece. Made in Japan.
€1.90 *
Zig Zag Wooden Pen Refill Zig Zag Wooden Pen Refill
Refill for Zig Zag Wooden Pen, colour black, 1 mm tip. One piece. Made in Japan.
€1.90 *