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Postcard Stickers - 25 pieces Postcard Stickers - 25 pieces
One for all occasions. This sticker is designed as a back side of a postcard and you can write on it. By using it you turn your photo, picture, cardboard box or any other printed item into a unique postcard. It offers lots of creative...
€7.95 *
Button "Keep calm" Button "Keep calm"
Keep calm and write a postcard! Always a good advice. size 25 mm Price per piece
€1.50 *
Button "Let postcards..." Button "Let postcards..."
Let postcards travel the world! And as you send a postcard, a piece of you is travelling, too. size 25 mm Price per piece
€1.50 *
Button "Happy Birthday" Button "Happy Birthday"
A button like a present - Happy Birthday! size 25 mm Price per piece
€1.50 *
Button "Moin" Button "Moin"
Moin! You might hear this traditional greeting in Northern Germany. size 25 mm Price per piece
€1.50 *
Eraser "papersisters" Eraser "papersisters"
A cool eraser the papersisters way - let postcards travel the world!
€2.95 *
Pen "papersisters" Pen "papersisters"
Get your cool blue pen for the complete papersisters look!
€2.95 *
Magnet "Briefkasten" Magnet "Briefkasten"
It is yellow so it can be well spotted to collect letters and postcards to send them on to their recipients - the letterbox. We honor it with an iconic magnet that will draw some attention wherever it will be placed! The silky surface...
€4.95 *
Magnet round "Postcard of the Month" Magnet round "Postcard of the Month"
Postcards enter our homes on a constant basis - a friend sends one from a dream holiday, we buy one because we feel connected, one is stuck on a birthday present. Upgrade your special postcard beauties to a "Postcard of the Month" by...
€2.95 *
Magnet round "Postcrossing" Magnet round "Postcrossing"
Postcrossing - do you share the passion with more than 700.000 people worldwide? This cute magnet is happy to hold your favorite postcard for you or perhaps a pane of stamps for your next postcards? Diameter 37 mm Design by papersisters....
€2.95 *
Magnet round "Happy Postcrossing" Magnet round "Happy Postcrossing"
Happy Postcrossing - many Postcrossers use the words at the end of their postcards. And we know - Postcrossing does make one happy! Diameter 37 mm Design by papersisters, Made in Germany
€2.95 *
Magnet round "Snail Mail" Magnet round "Snail Mail"
Snail Mail - yes, this classical way of sending messages to other people is slower than the modern electronical options. But who would not enjoy finding a handwritten letter or postcard in their mailbox for a change? Our Snail Mail...
€2.95 *
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