Writing postcards during the pandemic

Remember January 1st, 2020? The start to a new year and new century came with hopes and plans. To travel, to meet other people, to attend concerts and conferences, to celebrate - a lot of ideas and excitement. That is how we planned it, as two individuals and our families and as papersisters. Just like any other person around.

Probably nobody would have guessed at this point that a few weeks later the year 2020 would set priorities differently - in a quite drastic way on top. The spreading of COVID 19 around the world forced us all to change our plans. Here in Germany, March 15th was a milestone when schools and universities closed down. Whenever possible, people started working from home, supermarket visits became excursion, people stopped hugging each other, flights got cancelled. A bit later on, many shops were closed as well as restaurants, bars and sports venues.

Like anybody else, we tried to cope and organize around the new situations and deal with insecurities and fears. While trying to find a new normal, we in parallel started working on designing new postcards that would help people in this situation. On March 24th already we issued our first batch of cards in the light of Corona. It was the "2020 reloaded" featuring facts around the pandemic accompanied by postcards to show care, love and respect. It was exciting to see that a number of people around us suddenly started to write postcards to send little signs of friendship - like a postal hug instead of a real. Even people that never considered postcard writing an option for communication before got on board. For the grandparents, long-lost friends, even teachers sending cards to kids at home. We wrote more than usual as well, sometimes just very short notes. And we received a lot of lovely snail mail during lockdown! This wave of friendship and care for each other will remain in our hearts.  

On the practical side, also postal transportation faced many disruptions and delays. While Deutsche Post within Germany coped well, we saw routes to and from other countries closing down or slowing down. We celebrate each reopening of routes as a sign of good hope! Still, while we write this, we are unable to ship our products to a number of countries including the USA. We keep checking and hoping!

And while some countries slowly open up, first travels are possible, meeting people becomes a bit easier again, we are fully aware that the situation around the globe is still challenging and we can never be sure what the next moment brings. We will cope. We are here for you and will be. Written kind and friendly words still matter - even more nowadays!

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